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Buy Snowshoes and poles for Kids (girls and boys) . Reviews, guides and tips for snow shoe buying .

Updated on October 25, 2011

Get an Affordable Kids Snowshoe easily on Amazon

Here's a guide to help you get started shopping for  snowshoes for kids on Amazon. Amazon has almost all best brands of snowshoes for kids.

Please remember that this is only a sampling to get you started shopping on Amazon.If you could not find the right item, please click on any Amazon item and you'll be able to search through the hundreds available.

I hope you've found this Amazon shopping guide useful. And I'm sure with the great selection and prices on Amazon you'll find just the right baby snowshoe for your little one!

Kids snowshoes range from the toy variety to snowshoes that are as high end as anything available for adults. It should be purchased according to the height and weight of your child.
Imagine a terrain where you'll be snowshoeing. A simple snowshoe without crampons and other accessories will work fine on flat, groomed trails. However, icy trails, deep snow or unfamiliar changing terrain require a more rugged snowshoe. The best showshoes for kids have an aluminum-framed snowshoe that offers toe claws. Some will also  have a claw, or crampon, at the heel for additional grip. It is recommended to purchase poles to help your child balance better, especially on rougher trails. You can also get snow shoes kits with poles in Amazon. You can also buy poles separately in Amazon. If you or your children have difficulty with balance or coordination then poles are a good idea.

Snowshoes for Girls

A common mistake people make when buying kid's snowshoes is purchasing a cheap pair or even a toy pair so that they can gauge a child's interest in the sport. Unfortunately, these types of snowshoes are often uncomfortable, don't fit well and can deter a child from wanting to go out in snowshoes. Check the bindings on the snowshoes. Have your child wear her snowboots and then try on the snowshoes. The snowshoe binding should be flexible enough for her to move around in but secure enough that you don't have to worry about it falling off. I have included here some good quality snowshoes in Amazon.

Snowshoe for boys

I have included here snowshoes specially designed for boys and girls. Some parents like to give red shoes to girls and blue shoes to boys. If you're in this group, I've also shown you a sampling of the snowsuits available in red and blue.    

Kids snowshoes are manufactured by several leading companies. They have smaller surface area to compansate for their high levels of activity, while still maintaining the durability. Some leading brands are GV and Tubbs. I have also included an Amazon list of snowshoes from GV as well as from Tubbs, check which one you like for your little one

If you're used to shopping at department store websites, you do need to get used to the fact that most amazon sellers aren't professional photographers and that they don't have cute models. But just because the photos aren't the same quality, you shouldn't infer that the clothing is inferior. I've gotten some great buys there.

Tubbs has several good quality Snow shoes not just for kids but also for adults. I have included here some good quality snow shoes for Men as well as for Women. For men snow shoes of differnt sizes are also available. Here I have also included sizes from 20 inch to 30 inch. If you like to buy the whole snow shoe kit, you can click on the snowshoe kit in the mens section and buy it at low cost from Amazon.

For women showshoe of different sizes are given below. There are sizes from 21 to 25 inches. You can also choose from wide variety of brands like Tubbs, Atlas and TSL.

Just take a look below to see a sampling and the current Amazon price.

With this great selection available on Amazon, I know that you'll find some great buys there.


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