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Buy hand knitted and crocheted baby pram blankets online today

Updated on April 12, 2013

An apology

Some of you may have read my pattern for a hand knitted pram blanket and made it for your newborn. I suddenly thought today, what about those people who, however hard they try ,can't knit. There are some lovely blankets that you can buy online if you look. If you cut the label off and want to pass it off as your own work, no one except you will know!

I had a look on Amazon to see what is available.The great thing about Amazon is that there are no crowded stores to navigate, you can have a look whilst baby is sleeping. I can remember the days when I had to get something and I had to pile the baby into the pram and get into the mall before she woke up and was grizzly, grab what I wanted and get home...stress!! Also if it really isn't what you wanted, in most cases you can send it back!

What type of blanket do I need?

The main thing you have to consider is what is the weather like? Also when is your baby due? If you want a blanket and you have a winter baby then it will need to be a lot warmer than if you have a summer baby.

Hand knitted diamond baby blanket

I have to admit that this hand knitted diamond baby blanket really caught my eye. This gorgeous baby blanket is hand knitted and is so soft and cozy it is perfect for snuggling your baby in. It may also get a lot of use as your child gets older and wants to take a comforter to bed. The blanket will look great in the crib or the stroller and will fold up into your diaper bag for you to whip out and cover baby if it gets a little chilly.

The blanket is available in traditional colours of light pink and baby blue with natural colours of light beige and rose also available. This blanket is knitted in acrylic yarn which means that it is machine washable so it should dry quite quickly and keep its shape.

My favorite

My favorite blanket has to be these cute little hand made blankets with a cup cake motif. This blanket is adorable- the pattern is knitted by hand, and as a knitter I can tell you that it would have taken ages to do, I checked the manufacturers website and they claim that although designed in the UK they are knitted abroad and they pay sustainable wages. Also they donate part of their profits to charity


I think it is the best policy to have a really nice blanket for baby. If this is your first baby, then investing in a good blanket will mean it will be OK for the second and third child. It is also nice when you are wheeling your beautiful baby out and about, bumping into people you know, or taking your baby into your workplace, to have the baby presented well. After all you will have dressed up to shake off the baby image and dressed your baby in a nice outfit, so make sure that the hand knitted baby pram blanket is like you and your baby, stunning


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