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Buying a Cloud B Night Light | Nightlights for Children

Updated on January 5, 2010

Young children have fertile imaginations and fear of the dark is always something common that pops up. The dark is always lurking with scary and nasty creatures waiting to gobble up young kids. A night light provides a soothing environment for a good night's sleep (for the child and the caregiver!).

Cloud B has gone one up and weaved together a series of magical night lights specially designed for children. Providing light aside, these lovely night lights weave together a story and immerse the child in a peaceful dreamland environment. These charming lights make for a great addition to the nursery or as a gift!

Cloud B Twilight Turtle Night Light

Twilight Turtle is much a soft toy cum night light. It is designed to cast and transform the room into a complete starry night sky.Imagine yourself sleeping under the stars in dreamland.

  • Bond with your children by telling magical tales under the soft glow of the night light. A variation of 3 light colors to choose from (blue, green, and amber) for different mood settings to accompany every tale.
  • Teach your child about the stars using the Twilight's star pattern. Children can learn how to identify the 8 major constellations using the illustrated guide.
  • Calm children down for a soothing night sleep with Turtle as their companion
  • Hand painted, unique night light that fits in well in any nursery
  • Save energy with the auto shut-off function and 45 minutes sleep timer
  • Put them anywhere as it runs on AAA batteries. No wires to drag along.

Cloud B Twilight Ladybug

Another night light that is similar to the turtle, it can also project a starry background onto the ceiling and walls. An interesting item that comes along with the Ladybug is an adoption certificate! Why not take the opportunity to teach your child about care for pets and animals. Tell a story of how Ladybug has joined your family!

Other products from Cloud B

Along with night lights, there are other great items for children like the Sleep Sheep and Friends Aroma Pillows with soothing smells that will aid children in a good night's sleep. There are also plush toys which makes gentle soothing sounds (eg. water based sounds) to create a restful environment.

A combination of nightlights and plush toys makes for a great experience for children and also is wonderful as a gift.


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