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Updated on August 30, 2011

I like the shape of Comfy Bot Brand Disposable Nappies, and the stretchy part around the crotch area is quite soft when compared to other disposable nappies, but they have massive leak guards on the sides of them, and absolutely no stretch at all in the front - or at the side tabs.

There is a small section of elasticised ruching at the top of the back of this nappy but it doesn't really help to get a comfortable fit when adjusting the side tabs, because when you put them on, you don't really stretch out a nappy from the backbone area with bub lying down on it to adjust it, at least I don't because it's likely to make the front of the nappy dig in if the back has been stretched out.

The main problem I've found with these Comfy Bots Nappies is that they're a very 'hot' nappy. This nappy holds heat against babies skin after a number one! The inside of the nappy seems to heat up, which is probably due to the material used inside the nappy, and because of this I feel my daughter is uncomfortable wearing theseĀ nappies compared to other disposable nappies on the Australian market. We tried these out in summer when I was trying to keep her cool and the heat of the nappy just had the opposite affect!

Overall it's quite soft feel nappy and the jungle print outer could make it look like a cute nappy for boys (Although the leak guards will definatley hang out of the sides of legless body-suits), but because these nappies seem to hold heat up against my baby's skin when she's done a wee wee, I don't recommend them and won't use them.


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