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Caitlin's Noggin

Updated on May 20, 2013
A brain tumor, surgery, recovery and future treatment.
A brain tumor, surgery, recovery and future treatment.

How Did This Happen?

There is no answer to that question. We don't know why Caitlin has a brain tumor. it could be genetic, it could be just one of those things.

She went to the emergency room at the hospital on May 5, 2013 for what we thought was a minor medical problem. Four days later she was having brain surgery.

Although the tumor is benign, it is a type of tumor that can regrow. At 21 years old, Caitlin is facing a lfetime of dealing with this.

Caitlin's incision.
Caitlin's incision.

Things Happen

I never thought I would be doing the things I'm dong now. I never thought I would be raising money for my daughter's medical care. Starting a blog for her, setting up a facebook page to help us raise funds, taking care of a daughter who has just had brain surgery are things that are just not supposed to happen. But they do. And you deal the best you can, moment by moment, day by day.

Stess and Family Tension

As a mom, I want my family to be happy and healthy. We are all on edge and tired. We had stresses prior to all of this happening, and they didn't go away when we found out Caitlin was sick. If anything, the stresses and family tensions have been magnified.

I have to admit that my kids haven't always gotten along well. I don't know if that is my fault, but it is a fact I have to deal with on a regular basis. I wish that we didn't have the family issues that we do. It is what it is, and at times it breaks my heart.

When a family faces such a huge struggle, they should pull together. I so wish that could all happen right now. If I have learned anything from the events of the past two weeks, it is that we all need to support one another. We need to forgive, forget and let go of the past because the future isn't going to be easy. We need each other.

A Mother's Heartache

We have started a blog for Caitlin to help raise money for her care and to keep friends and family updated about her condition. We have also started a facebook page for her. The blog and her page are about her. I am trying to keep me out of them. My heartache, my needs and concerns and worries don't need to be there.

Here is where i will write about what is on my heart and mind. I hope that as we go through this that my thoughts and words will be a comfort for others facing struggles and illness. I don't expect any of this will be easy. Pouring my heart out is not something I normally do.

My hope and prayers are that Caitlin is heathy, our family is healed and that perhaps we may be an inspiration for you.




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