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Career Preparation For Tweens And Teens: Campus Journalism

Updated on April 30, 2012
The tween and teen years is an ideal time to start preparing for a future career.
The tween and teen years is an ideal time to start preparing for a future career. | Source

The best preparation for one’s future career has to start when kids are still young. Being in the tween and teen years are the ideal ages by which honing talent and skills is easier. They absorb knowledge about particular skills, like writing in a campus paper, much faster. In fact, once they have mastered it, it becomes second nature to them. For the parents, it is an assurance that your tween or teen will have a good future. For the tweens and teens, this will more likely ensure a successful career for you in the future.

Characteristics That Tweens And Teens Should Have For Their Journalism Career Preparation

But, does your tween or teen have what it takes to be a campus journalist? Here are the traits they should possess so they can be a successful school paper writer and eventually prepare them for a journalism career in the future:

1.Talent or ability

Your tweens/teens must have a capacity to learn things fast and easy. Remember, they are still studying and doing campus journalism requires them to write news, feature or other articles for the school paper, thus they will find it hard to cope with doing everything at the same time. It is very important as parents that you give your all-out support in their preparation for this future career. They have to quickly grasp things both as a campus journalist and as a student. They have to strike a balance between the two so neither will suffer. Before they take a plunge as a writer for the school paper, tell your tweens/teens to ask themselves if they are willing to work harder and if they can cope with the stress of studying and writing articles, usually on a deadline. If they answered yes, then congratulations, they are one step ahead of their classmates because not everybody can be both a student and a campus journalist at the same time. This should also boost their self-confidence, hence their chances for a successful career in journalism.

2.Having the right attitude

This is another trait which your tweens/teens must have if they want to prepare for a career in journalism. They have to be determined, responsible, honest and interested with what they are doing. Advise them to keep their enthusiasm at all times. Remind your future journalists in the family that they should be fair in dealing and reporting about people and things. They should beware of distorting facts-be trustworthy and earn the respect of those around them. They become more credible as journalists if they will always stick to the truth and will avoid character assassination in their write-ups (this will never get past the editorial staff eagle eyes, anyway). Let them strive to get straight to the point and not confuse people.

Since they are in their tween and teen years preparing for their journalism career, this particular trait is not hard to imbibe since they are still idealists.

3. Always reaching for the highest possible standards

As a preparation for their journalism career, teach your tweens and teens that mediocrity is a no-no. If they want to be a good campus journalist the articles they produce should be well-written and must have the most credibility that they can attain. In terms of moral values, they should not be a target of ridicule by doing what isn’t upright. Their reputation must be impeccable so everyone will readily believe what they report or write.

Another important reminder for their journalism career preparation is that their communication skills should be honed at its highest level since they will be dealing with a variety of people and subjects. They should develop an excellent listening skills and keen observation skill.

If you are able to imbibe all these characteristics to your tweens/teens, there is no way that they can fail. Who knows, they just might be the next big thing in the field of journalism like their favorite media personalities.

What Role Is Best Suited For Your Tweens And Teens InTheir Journalism Career Preparation

You might be curious to know who the possible persons are running the campus paper. This will guide you to know how your tweens/teens start preparing for that journalism career. This will give you a peek on what role they can play as a campus journalist.

Once they have decided to enter the world of campus journalism, it is time for them to assess themselves at what particular aspect of campus paper do they think will their interest fit. It is more interesting and easier to write about what they like doing.

1. Editor-in-chief

He is the overall head of the campus paper. He coordinates all the work of the staff members. He discusses with them the contents of the paper and the lay-out of the campus paper. He presides over meetings. He also writes editorial. He discusses and assigns topics/job for each of the staff members. As such he is accountable and responsible for whatever is published in the school paper.

2. Associate editor

He works with the editor-in-chief and is his assistant. He performs tasks delegated by the editor-in-chief

3. Managing editor

He is in-charge of the upkeep of the staff and is responsible for the supplies and equipment in the staff room. He sees to it that everything is in order and the running of the activities of the staff and is responsible for the smooth-sailing of all the activities in the production of the campus paper.

4. News editor

He is in-charge of all the news gathering activities including assigning beats to the tween/teen news reporters.

5. Features editor

He identifies relevant and interesting topics and assign them to the school papers writers according to their specialization and designation.

6. Sports editor

He is responsible for providing news in sports and assigning capable sports writers to their beat.

Other roles which your tweens or teens can develop in their preparation for a journalism career:

1. News reporter-responsible for gathering news as assigned by the news editor.

2. Feature writer-writes interesting topics that he and the feature editor think will interest the readers. He is responsible for eyeing good subjects to write in the school paper.

3. Sports writer-covers news about sports not only in the school but also in the community.

4. Editorial cartoonist-works with the editorial staff and draw the editorial cartoon approved by them.

5. Photographer-responsible for taking pictures that will be used in the school paper.

6. Copyreader and headline writer-responsible for the editing of grammatical and typographical errors. He also selects the best headline for each story.

7. Others such as the encoders, typists, or all-around guy.

Questions to guide your tweens and teens to find their niche in the journalism career:

1. Are you fond of imagining things and putting them on paper in the form of drawings or cartoons?

2. Do you always read the newspaper or watch the newscast in TV. Are you interested in what is going on around you?

3. Do you like weaving stories, traveling to difference places, interested with well-known or obscure personalities?

4. Are you athletic? Do you follow the life of sports heroes and personalities? Do you get excited with watching or playing any sports game?

5. Do you like talking to people and suggesting things on how they can easily do tasks?

6. Do you like talking in front of other people and delivering news or stories to them?


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  • DON BALDERAS profile image

    DON BALDERAS 4 years ago

    It is but gladdening to read hubs like yours which cater to individuals especially students and professionals, in this case teachers, who might be interested to learn something and gain insights from your sharing of simply basic information, significantly encouraging. This hub is something that's so grounded on the campus journalism activities in schools which need sustainability. If there is one program that has endeared me, it is campus journalism which had become so helpful in my personal and professional life. So, I am thankful that I was gifted with writing skills.

    This hub is an invitation for those who believe they have what it takes to become a journalist to continue falling in love with letters and seek greater heights in fulfilling that love they have to serve a bigger audience outside the schools.