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Changes During Puberty

Updated on February 11, 2010


Changes During Puberty


Physical Changes

You are now entering another phase in your life. It's called puberty. Puberty is the period in your life that you go through before you become a man and a woman. It is the period during which you experience many changes in your body.You may be surprised one morning to finda rough spot on your face, the start of pimples. The girls may notice that their breasts feel softer and rounder and grow bigger. Your hips become wider and rounder, your legs become longer and less* straight. Short, curly hair have begun to grow under your armpits and pubic area. The boys will also notice that hair begins to grow on their faces, armpits, arms and legs, the pubic area and later on the chest. You boys, will notice your muscles develop, your shoulders broaden and you get a leaner and more muscular ap­pearance than girls. Your voices become deeper and lower be­cause of the development of the

vocal chords. Your vocal chords thicken and your voice

boxes change position a little in the neck. Do you notice

your "Adam's apple"? During this change of voice, a

boy's voice cracks sometimes when he talks. Your blood

pressure also becomes higher than the girls. Both of you

may notice that you sweat and perspire more than usual.

All these changes simply means that you body is starting

to mature. These changes do not start at the same time

in all boys and girls. Girls enter puberty between nine

and fourteen. The average boy begins between eleven

and sixteen. If you notice some boys and girls your age

getting taller and stronger than you, don't worry. You

will soon catch up and grow in due time.


Physiological Changes

During puberty, there is increased secretion of the sebaceous glands in the face and in the upper trunk. These glands produce sebum. The sebum blocks the outlet of the glands and hardens. This causes pimples and acne.

Oil glands, especially those that supply oil to the hair and skin, become activitated, too. These can clog the pores and cause pimples and other skin blemishes. More perspiration and body odors are also a result. It is, therefore, necessary for you to keep yourselves always clean. Most important, don't worry about your skin problems. This condition will eventually clear up.


Emotional Changes

As you grow physically, there are also emotional changes taking place in you. New emotions seem to appear during this period of puberty. You may have your ups and downs. You may feel down with problems that you seem to find no solution at all. Other times, you feel very happy and on top of the world. Your moods are varied and intense. Sometimes, you are extremely sensitive. You'll be surprised at how you react to some situations. You tend to be independent and self-reliant. You want to do things your way but refuse to accept responsibilities.

Your changeable behavior affects yourself as well as others. Your temper is hard to control; feelings are easily hurt and you are hard to deal with sometimes. Understanding on your part and other family members will help you adjust to this stage.

Emotions are some­times difficult to control during this stage.  Sexual drive begins during this stage.    Physical attraction  to  some­one of the opposite sex is a new reaction.




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