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Characteristics of a Virgo Child

Updated on April 13, 2011

Virgo is the sun sign of children born between August 23 and September 22. A Virgo child is a picky eater and a perfectionist. Cleanliness is her first priority. A Virgo child talks soon and will be an excellent mimic. She often encounters stranger anxiety and takes little issues seriously. Virgo children try hard to please their parents. They are generally shy and need parents' help in making friends. Once they enter into a relationship, these children tend to stay loyal and affectionate.

Virgo Child is a Perfectionist

A Virgo child expects her friends and family members to be perfect in whatever they do. For instance, she doesn’t like her folks if they don’t maintain their nails neatly. At school, she will never be a friend of those who don’t dress properly.

Virgo Kids Need Encouragement

As Virgo kids may feel lonely at times, parents must frequently ensure that they are not alone. The parents of a Virgo child need to shower her with kisses and make her realize how much they love her. Sometimes she may feel inferior. During such times, it is the duty of the parents to figure out the reason and motivate her and let her know that she is as adorable as other children.

Virgo Child at Home

Virgo children will be of great help to their mothers in household chores. The mother will be in awe of the neatness her child displays when doing the assigned work. A Virgo child always keeps her bedroom and environment clean, neat and organized. If her siblings or parents disturb the way she maintains her bedroom, it will make her angry.

She likes to be immaculately dressed and well groomed. Virgo children keenly watch their parents and imitate them in doing things. They have an elephant’s memory and are good listeners. Virgo kids are indeed honest and hardly lie to their parents. As far as health is concerned, Virgo babies are prone to diarrhoea, stomach upsets and constipation.

School and Virgo Children

Teachers often find it easy to discipline school-going Virgo children. They are very attentive in the classroom and do their homework on time. They also take criticism seriously. As such, teachers need to correct them with tact and diplomacy. A Virgo child is one who often asks questions in class. She is a voracious learner and fond of books. She develops reading habit at an early stage. Virgo children demand a valid proof for each and every statement given by their teacher.

Parents are indeed lucky to have these perfectionists as their children. Virgo children have a lovely nature and can prove to their parents that they are priceless possessions.


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      SUDHEENDRA 5 years ago


    • ManuPria profile image

      ManuPria 6 years ago from India

      Then I have to call Lori as "Miss.Perfectionist!"

    • L A Dreamin profile image

      L A Dreamin 6 years ago from Pennsylvania

      I'm a Virgo :) Just not a child, lol Nice job.