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Cheap Discount Wholesale Diapers Cloth and Disposable Buy In Bulk Online

Updated on October 22, 2011

Cloth or Disposable Diapers

The joy of parenting out ways the cost of parenting by a landslide. But the cost is not easily pushed aside by love. Clothing, food, formula and diapers can impact your budget like you never imagined.

All parents seek for the best deal for needed supplies for their children. And diapers are no exception. As a mother of two I have found that buying online beats any coupon or weekly special available.

I have listed what I have found to be the best deals for your dollar on disposable and cloth diapers. And for new parents who cant decide which to use, I have listed the pros and cons of each type of diaper.

Disposable Diapers

Convenience is the word that is associated with disposable diapers. When your child needs changing, you simply remove the diaper and throw it away. Disposable diapers are also more leak preventive than cloth diapers as most have stretchable elastic sides that snug against the child.

The cons of disposable diapers is that children tend to have diaper rash more frequently than with cloth diapers. My youngest is allergic to certain disposable diapers and I had to try many different kinds before finding the right one. Also, environmentally it is concerning the amount of disposable diapers that fill the landfills.

Cloth Diapers

Cloth diapers are certainly more comfortable for your baby as they are cotton, but they can leak- alot. However, unlike disposable diapers, you are able to know just how wet your child is without having to guess as you do with disposables, often causing your child to sit in their own feces and urine which overall can cause irritability and diaper rash. Children who use cloth diapers are reported to toilet train much faster than disposable diapered children because they know the difference of wet and dry from being able to feel it.

Cons of Cloth Diapers is the smell. You cannot simply throw away cloth diapers. They need to be saved until there is enough for a diaper service to pick up or until you personally want to wash them. This can become an overwhelming task for some. Having to wash all those diapers can raise your water and electric bill if you choose to do so at home, another expense to consider.

Overall, it is a matter of personal preference what diaper you choose. I just try and remind parents that the cost of diapers will remain until your child is potty trained, sometimes as late as four years old! With that said, try to buy in bulk, find a deal and don't overpay for diapers when there is a better way.

Buying online is the most affordable and most cost efficient way I have found to save money on diapers and other products such as; wipes, diaper wraps, and diaper bags.

Children grow up all to quick, enjoy this precious time with your baby.



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