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Cheap and Fun Spring Break Ideas for the Family

Updated on September 10, 2014

Spring is finally here and many parents are looking for cheap and fun spring break ideas for the family. While it may not be in the budget this year to plan a big family vacation, here are a few super cool activities which will create lasting memories for you and your children!

Beautiful Spring Blooms!


Plant a Garden

What better time then now to get your spring blooms and veggies in the ground. Involve the whole family from beginning to end and ceate a special way to celebrate the bounty and beauty of the earth.

You can make it extra special by selectig different areas for the kids to plant whatever they want. Check out these creative ideas to make gardening fun!

  • Research plants together to determine what grows where, ie: shade plants, full sun, annuals, perrenials, veggies - which do well in your region?
  • Create small signs handcrafted with each family member name, ie: "Susie's Garden - Love Grows Here"
  • Start plants from seeds to teach children the patience and reward of watching life bloom.
  • Go shopping together and budget a small amount for each family member to pick their own plants.
  • Plant a tree together and make it an annual ritual.
  • If you have limited space, consider creating potted gardens or herbs for the kichen
  • Ceate a fun gardening calender with tasks such as watering, pruning and harvesting chores.
  • Take your plants or harvest to a farmers market and raise money with the fruits of your family labor.

Family Camping!



Another fun idea is to go on a camping trip. Spring is a terriic time to go because the weather is not yet too hot or cold. Camping can cost as little as $5 per day for a rugged site and be an amazing way to connect a family through nature. Here are a few ideas which can be included as part of your camping trip.

  • Overnight Canoe Trips - Some areas offer one, two and three night canoe trips where you can travel down a river or lake and camp at various spots along the way!
  • Camp by the beach - If you live near a lake or ocean there are geneally a variety of local camping hot spots so you can enjoy some sun and beach time without paying hefty hotel bills.
  • Plan a big family camping extravaganza - Invite extended family such as cousins, aunts & uncles. Rent a cabin and make it a reunion or event where everyone pitches in and shares the cost.
  • Hiking & Trails- Spend your camping trip enjoying nature and hike with the kids. Learn about native plants and wildlife together. Bring a camera and a log book and create an adventurous scavenger hunt.
  • Camp near an amusement park - This way you get the best of both worlds with no hotel costs and loads of entertainment.

Library Days

Many local library's offer free events for children and families during spring break. These include story times, movies, yoga, arts and crafts and other fun programs.


Have the kids volunteer for local charities and organizations. These activities can include anything from nursing home visits to care for the elderly, animal shelters to park and recreatonal clean ups. These will enrich your children and encourage them to have a compassionate attitude. Come up with a reward system each day they complete their work to make it fun and exciting for them.


A zoo day is always fun for children. The zoo is a cheap and fun spring break idea for the family since animals are so entertaining. Most local zoos offer events and discounts during school breaks. Many rural areas offer petting zoos as well.


Who doesn't love a good 'ol fashioned barbeque? Invite the neighbors for a back yard pot luck or make your own famous recipes. Have fun with it by creating outdoor games such as water balloon tosses, 3 legged races or hide and seek in the dark with flashlights. Not only will your family cherish such a fun memory but you could potentially start an annual neignborhood block party during spring break. This is a great way to get to know your neignbors as well as entertain all the kids out of school!

Build Your Own Chicken Coop!

Build a Chicken House

Having chickens is becoming a big hobby, even in suburbia. If you have a backyard, build a small chicken coop and order a few small chicks. Your kids will love the cute, furry babies and the family will enjoy natural, organic eggs for years!

Enter a Marathon or Charity Walk

Why not get the kids in shape and join a community walk or race for charity. The whole family will feel empowered by the team effort and you can plan to celebrate after your huge accomplishment!

Organize a Family Production

Spend the week directing and rehearsing a production of sorts. This can be a musical or play written and acted by the kids and their friends. Invite relatives to he event and don't forget to video for future memory!


Have a Fire Burning Ceremony

If your property allows or you have a fireplace, make a fire and have a marshmallow roasting, fire burning ceremony. Spring is the time of new beginnings so celebrate this time by relinquishing old ideas, habits and negativities. Here's what to do:

  1. Have each family member write down on paper something they want to be rid of currently. This can be anything from fighting wth a sibling to stress. Younger children can even consider larger items such as getting rid of an old blankee or ratty tedy bear if it's time.
  2. Create a special area for the fire and have everyone work together to get the fire going.
  3. Each family member will stand and say, "This is part of the past and I am not ready to let go." Or make up your own saying.
  4. Throw the paper into the fire and watch your old habits burn and disappear.
  5. Celebrate th moment with marshmallows, dancing and merry making!


Regardless of what you choose; cheap and fun spring break ideas for the family will ultimately bring you and your children closer. Creating special memories together will not only inspire your children but will create family rituals which can be passed down for generations.

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    • dagny roth profile image

      dagny roth 5 years ago from Neverland

      Thanks Kitty!! Glad you stopped by...maybe we will meet someday in our state of sunny Florida!

    • kittythedreamer profile image

      Nicole Canfield 5 years ago from the Ether

      Awesome ideas! I specifically love the ideas of camping, gardening, and the bonfire. Very special. Voted up and awesome.

    • dagny roth profile image

      dagny roth 5 years ago from Neverland

      Thanks Michael! Glad you stopped by!

    • profile image

      Michael C 5 years ago

      These are some really great Ideas , cant wait to do them with my kids