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Child Custody for Grandparents

Updated on August 11, 2010

Child Custody for Grandparents

As we all know, grandparents can receive custody rights. This can happen in different circumstances and the entire topic is much more complicated that you might believe. Custody is received by both or just one parent. In some specific cases grandparents can gain the rights.

For the grandparents to gain custody rights there is a need for a court to be completely convinced that grandparent visitation is suitable for the child. As one example, if injuries occur to both parents then the custody can be granted to grandparents. Disputes wil appear in the event that courts will decide that both parents lose custody rights. Unfortunately such events are much more common than you might have believed in the past. A Grandparent is to be offered child custody in the event that:
-   Parents choose to not be parents anymore
-   The child is abandoned by the parents
-   There are clear and disturbing problems in the parent-child relationship
-   The environment in which the child grows is not safe
-   We are faced with parents that have a behavior that is dangerous for any child

When one parent will lose his/her parental rights we consider the other one to be a sole guardian of the child. If both parental rights are terminated we will be faced, in most situations, with all rights being given to another family member. This does include the grandparents that can properly offer what the child needs. Make sure that you are properly prepared for a long lasting legal process whenever faced with needing to become a guardian. Courts will want to see a child being properly taken care of. The one factor that is really important is the educational needs that have to be covered. There is also the possibility that a grandparent becomes a co-guardian if just one parent lost his parenting rights.


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