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Childrens Thermometers

Updated on August 5, 2011

As a child, it seemed like my mother was always taking my temperature for one thing or another, and I can recall the prehistoric mercury thermometer we used to have. Until I broke it. I was lying in bed at the time and that's where it broke -- never did find the mercury; I like to pretend that I probably didn't absorb it at some point. After that episode, we got a digital thermometer and those were so much cooler than the old fashioned Nurse Ratched type that actually hurt when you stuck them under your tongue like you were supposed to. Oral Digital thermometers were fast and hip; but they were nothing compared to the thermometers you can get today. Everything has been upgraded.

Summer Infact Pacifier Thermometer

Have you ever seen a niftier thermometer? I thought not. This thing is so cool I'm tempted to get one for myself. If you're familiar with Summer Infant, you know they make some fabulous products, and clearly, they've got some clever people over there!

Vicks Baby Rectal Thermometer

If you have to take a rectal temp, at least be kind and do it as quickly as possible. The Vicks Baby Rectal Thermometer is fast and functional. I'd mention how interested and space-aged it looks, but you don't really want to wax poetic when talking about rectal thermometers, do you?

Summer Infant Forehead Strips

Another fabulous product from Summer Infant. And don't think these are just for tots -- I remember something similar when I was in elementary school, and I thought they were quite hip!

Braun Thermoscan In Ear Thermometer

I'm not keen on most ear thermometers because if they're not used correctly, they will give very inaccurate readings. This one seems to have a good reputation with moms and dads though, so if you really want this kind, the Braun Thermoscan In Ear Thermometer might be just what you're looking for.

Digital Froggie Thermometer

Right, so there's nothing terribly fascinating about this one, apart from how cool it looks! Who wants a boring Joe-Normal thermometer when you can get the froggie version? The maker of this thermometer also has a cow, duckie and koala if your child prefers one of those.

SpongeBob Musical Thermometer

And if you really want to impress the kiddies... SpongeBob here is musical. That's right! Musical! What will they think of next??


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