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Circumcision: Their Body Their Choice

Updated on April 21, 2020
Kyler J Falk profile image

I spend all my time with my son, and researching how to spend that time better and in a more healthy manner for us both.


The arguments for and against circumcision are ongoing, and it baffles me that this is the case, so I wanted to explore my own reasoning behind leaving my son uncircumcised. My reasons are quite simple really, I feel it is his body and his choice to undergo what could be described as, "elective genital mutilation," and no one should be able to make that choice on another person's behalf without their consent. As a circumcised male who never had the choice, I wish my parents had elected for the "my body, my choice" rule, as now I'll never know what it is like to have my natural foreskin.

Benefits of Remaining Uncircumcised

Let's keep this short and simple, folks, not here to argue with you.

The benefits of remaining uncircumcised are:

  • Less likely to have your penile skin become dry, irritated, or chafed
  • Provides natural lubrication
  • More sensitive to touch (not necessarily sexual stimulation)
  • Allows the individual personal choice as to circumcision
  • The glans do not protrude as much, as they're not constantly exposed
  • Less orgasm difficulties

Wow, short list, huh? Moving on to circumcision.

Did you choose to circumcise your child?

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Benefits of Circumcision

The benefits of circumcision are:

  • "Preferred" by most female sexual partners
  • More hygienic, if you don't clean yourself regularly anyways (please, be hygienic)
  • Eliminates most risk for phimosis and balantitis
  • Reduced risk of certain STI's from women
  • As an adult, improves psychological well being in some

Holy smokes, another extremely short list of direct, verifiable benefits.



If we are being realistic here, we can conclude that any child who is taught to perform, and performs proper hygienic practices, can be circumcised or uncircumcised and still face the same problems. That is basically the only benefits that can truly be touched upon for child circumcision, and if your child develops issues such as phimosis or balantitis, then that is on you as a parent not their uncircumcised or circumcised genitals. All the other benefits are anecdotal, and/or strictly pertaining to individuals of a sexually active age.

Just to throw my own shade in here, leaving my son uncircumcised allows me to boast, or better to label it virtue signal, that I gave him the right he deserves as it concerns choosing what to do with his body. You can guarantee that when he gets to an appropriate age, when he starts getting interested in females, that I am going to tell him that girls prefer circumcised penises. They're aesthetically prettier, and the myths and cruelty people propagate around uncircumcised individuals will cause him to face a lot of unfair treatment.

Basically, the biggest disadvantage of being uncircumcised would have to be other people and their ignorance surrounding the topic. Stay educated, and be kind to everyone. Arguing over such an inconsequential decision is stupid, and I'll always opt for the choice that promotes freedom of choice as it concerns someone and their own body; especially when that decision can be actively made at any time in the future (if the parents are willing to let their child make that choice, as they should).

Stay educated, and be nice to everyone regardless of body choices! Their body, their choice!


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