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Classic Board Games for Kids

Updated on December 9, 2010

I've already done an article on classic games for kids, but this is one just the classic board games -- all the ones I really loved as a little kid. And still wish I had, even though I'm old enough to have kids who would be too old to play them. Most of these games have been re-illustrated since I was a kid, and to be honest I kind of miss the old school look, but I do like the new versions, all the same. They're certainly more ethereal looking! If you'd like to give your 3 year old something to do while he's not playing Grand Theft Auto, try one of these.


I loved this game! I never owned it, but I used to make my cousins play it with me when I visited them. You spin the dice by popping the bubble and then advancing your little men. If you land on another person's piece, they have to go back to the beginning. Obviously, the most fun is when the bubble pops the dice about! Ages 5-9. 


Life was a game that I owned but only played a few times because it took sooo long to play. I loved it, don't get me wrong, and I'd have played it every day. But it's more fun when you have 3 or 4 players. It's a bit similar to Monopoly in that you buy things and get paid and stuff. Ages 9 and up. 


Now, this was a game I really loved. I used to play this a lot as a kid, and I was pretty good at it. You take cards and move your pieces around the board. If someone happens to be in a space that you land on, you yell Sorry! and knock them off and send them back to start. This game can be frustrating for small kids for that reason. Ages 5-9. 

Chutes and Ladders

A game I didn't own, but I loved it. One of the teachers at school used to bring it in and we'd play it during recess. It was very cool and I sometimes still wish I had owned it for myself. You spin the wheel, and move your pieces from 1 too 100. If you land on a space that says you did something naughty (eating too many sweets, etc) then you could end up sliding down to the level before. If you land on a space that says you did something good, you can climb the ladder to the next level. Ages 3-7.  


I'm sure I don't need to explain this one, since everyone in the world seems to know how to play it. There was just one version when I was a kid, now there are Junior versions and lots of specialized versions. It was such a popular game that McDonalds started their Monopoly game -- and still has it going some 20 years later! People love Monopoly, it's just cool! Ages 8 and up. 

Candy Land

Candy Land was my FAVORITE board game as a little kid. Candy Land RULES! There have been several versions since then, and I always wanted the one with that pretty blue fairy. You take a card and slide your piece along. Sometimes you can get stuck or advance to a further space depending on what was on your card. I remember the ice-cream space like it was yesterday! Ages 3-6.


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