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Cloth Diapering With BumGenius 4.0 Cloth Diapers

Updated on January 4, 2016

Albert Print BumGenius 4.0

Why Cloth Diaper Your Baby

  • Save Money - Cloth Diapering has saved my family quite a bit of money. I purchased my diapers on and though they are an investment up front, they quickly pay for themselves. The wash cycle adds a pretty negligible cost to my utility bill but its nothing compared to the cost and frequent trips to the store you endure with disposables. I also don't do a separate drying cycle for my diapers (see below)
  • Its Easier Than You Think - I do a couple small loads of diaper laundry each week but they are very easy to work though. My BumGenius 4.0 diaper are pocket diaper so each one has a shell and an insert. I wash them together and air dry my shells while tossing the insert in with regular clothes to dry. Changing cloth diapers has a very slight learning curve but it quickly becomes in my opinion easier than disposables. You adjust the diaper once and they only need adjusted further when your baby grows, they stay snapped in place in the wash. My cloth diapers have far fewer blowouts and leaks so I have fewer emergencies also.
  • The Greener Choice - You keep literally thousands of diapers out of landfills. Your Diapers should last through several children and many people sell their used cloth diapers on ebay for other children to use.
  • Never worry about Buying More Diapers - You never have to do the dreaded late night diaper run, follow sales, or clip coupons again (I do keep 1 package of disposables in each size on hand just in case I want one but I never need them all)
  • Way Less Leaks and Blowouts compared to disposables
  • Cute Colors and Patterns

Why I Use Bumgenius 4.0s (with snaps)

BumGenius 4.0 pocket diapers make cloth diapering easy. Seriously, if your on the fence start here. I recommend giving it a try with a few Bumgenius 4.0s I started with 5 and that was kind of skimping before I made the full investment in my stash of 20. If you don't love CDing like I do you can easily sell your diapers on ebay for close to what you paid for them on Amazon. I really recommend the snaps over Velcro. The snaps are super easy, and durable wear as the Velcro ones tend to loose quality after several washes and bigger babies can learn to unfasten them.

My Review of BumGenius 4.0 Diapers

Cloth Diaper Care

I wash my collection of 20 diapers about every 3 days. I usually was them wen I get down to 5 diapers so I can keep the cycle going. I also use Osocozy cloth wipes as well, and they are really easy to toss right in with the diapers. The diapers do stain but the manufacturer suggest using 1/4th cup bleach in your wash once a month and they always come clean and smelling fresh - I dry my diapers outside in the sun to fade stains in between bleach cycles. I wash my diapers in Ecos liquid detergent which you can get at or (The detergent is very important only use free and clear formulas with no colors scents or brighteners to maintain the liners absorbancy. I use a rinse cycle to remove urine and poo, then I run a full cycle. I dry the liner and shell separately without use of dryer sheet to prevent wicking of moisture on liners.

  • Run a short rinse cycle with cold water for your diapers and cloth wipes
  • Run full cycle with hot water and detergent after initial rinse is done
  • Air dry shells to preserve the waterproof PLU lining
  • Dry wipes and inserts (No dryer sheets) can be dried with babies clothes

Stains Happen but You Can Bleach Them

These stains may look bad but you can often fade or remove them. It is important to follow the manufacturers instruction to use 1/4 cup bleach in your wash load monthly to remove these type of stains

Dirty Diaper Storage

I have used two methods to store my dirty diaper laundry: Tub Storage detailed in the video below and a small trash can lined with a planet wise washable liner (this is the most popular method). I personally use the tub storage method, it was just more convenient for me in my current situation but they both work great

Tote Storage


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