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Coat Flip

Updated on January 27, 2012

Demonstration of the Coat Flip - aackko

Here's an easy way to get young children to put their coats on by themselves...

How many times have you had to convince your child to get their coat on only to end up starting over because they keep putting the wrong arm in the arm holes? Wouldn’t you love to know an easy way that even a two year old can put their coat on by themselves? Well here is a trick I used when my college age kids were young and that I teach to my two year olds to help them become a bit more independent. When you have several children waiting for help, it sure is nice if some of them can do this trick and get a head start.

Step 1: Have your child lay their coat on the floor so they are standing by the hood. You can put the hood through their legs if it helps them get the idea of where to stand.

Step 2: Have the children bend down and stick their hands into each of their arm holes.

Sep 3: Have the children stand up flipping their coat up and over the back of their head while sliding their hands and arms all the way into their arm holes. Voila!! Coat is on and ready to be zipped.

It is slick enough that every child is proud to show off this new trick and so they are more likely to put their coat on the first time you ask. So not only does it help your child feel more independent, but it saves time for both parents and teachers. I hope this little trick helps put a smile on your children’s faces and yours too because it's a win for everyone involved.

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