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Common Mistakes New Parents Make

Updated on December 6, 2008

All first time parents make mistakes when it comes to babies and toddlers. It does not mean that you are a terrible parent either. It just means you are learning as you go. After all there is not set of guidelines to follow that is given when it is time to bring home baby from the hospital. Everyone has their own parenting style and nobody is perfect. The most important thing is to give your child love and attention along with making sure baby is safe and well cared for.


Knowing how much to feed your baby.

Obviously this is a very important part of caring for your child. Brand new babies eat a lot. It may seem like they are always eating. Newborns need to be fed every two to three hours. When they are a couple months older they may eat only six or eight times a day. But all babies are different and only you know how much formula or milk satisfies your baby. Some babies may eat more or less it just depends.

The size of your babies tummy is only the size of his or her fist. So it is important not to over feed your baby. If you have problems with this then try giving baby a bottle of water and see if that will work. Or just try and distract them with another activity. If you have concerns ask your pediatrician.


All babies cry. It is the way they communicate with you at first. Learning which cry means what takes just a little bit of time and then it will be easier. It may be difficult to know if something is really wrong if your baby is crying. You should always trust your instincts though. If you just know he or she is not feeling good then call the pediatrician.

If baby is not sick and just cries a lot then try taking baby for a short drive or walking around with baby, play soft music, patting them on the back, rubbing their back, put them in a swing, or bouncy seat. Try singing to them. Take them outside or in a different room. Give them a small mirror to try and distract them. Most babies love looking at themselves. Or just hold baby if that is what they are wanting. Sometimes talking very soft and quiet closely to them comforts them. Just remember your baby can sense if you are stressed out or upset. And if you are having those feelings then they will be too.

Vomit or Spit up

Knowing the difference between vomiting and spitting up is helpful. Spit up is something all babies do and is normal. Spit up is just something they do. It may be something they have just ate like milk or baby food. Usually happens after they eat or sometimes when burped. Moving baby around a lot after feeding will cause them to spit up. It is kinda like a wet burp.

If your baby is very cranky or fussy while spitting up it may mean they are sick and what you think it spit up is really vomit. If the spit up is not white in color it may be vomit. If it is green or yellow it may be bile and is not good for baby.. Also if they have projectile vomiting take them to doctor as soon as possible. Your baby should never have this unless there is a problem.


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