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Common Problems and Concerns of Teenagers

Updated on August 3, 2009

Common Problems and Concerns of Teenagers

Make a list of your family values that make a teenager desirable.

Teenagers are often baffled and puzzled by the fast changes taking place in the whole new world they are facing. For them, moving inexhorably through life's difficult situations on the way to adulthood is not easy.

Our youngs today are plagued with myriad of problems, pressures and temptations. In this light, they need emotional and psychological support in the most difficult stage of their lives. First and foremost, they need their parents' active involvement in their lives.

The following are some common problems and concerns of teenagers.

1.              Peer pressure - Decisions made by teenagers may be influenced by the strongest members of the group. Remember that it is important to conform with the laws of the society than to conform with the laws of the group.

2.              Generation gap - The difference between the philosophy and way of life. The way parents live and the way teenagers want to live may be different.

3.              Seeking independence - Teenagers want to be independent from their parents. This move is very hurting to both of them. They must explain to their parents that at this time of their life they are no longer a child and they want to be treated as an adult.

4.              Working out values - Teenagers sort out their own views and opinions about things and at the end they'll find it wrong. Probably, you'll find first disagreement from the family.

5.              Mood swing - Sudden changes of mood among teenagers are very normal and a part of growing up. This might be caused by hormonal change which is responsible for the physical change.

6.              Temper tantrums- Teenagers don't always have to verbalize their rebellious feelings. Perhaps there's a certain rule in their household in which their parents will never give away.

7.              Sex in the society - Sex within the sanctity of marriage will provide a solid, loving environment in which to bring up children.

9. Making Friends - Teenagers want to meet new acquaintances and be friends with them. They want to have a circle of friends whom they can rely on.


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      thank u for giving an information about the teenage problem......


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      I would question the importance of sex with the "sancity of marriage" being vital.

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      it is not all about teenage problems but keeping in mind is that are our teenager capable to take over the future in their hands?most probably let us cease to be a unique generations to take over a world without any fault.

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      romiel mariñas 7 years ago

      it's to know the different common problems encountered by most teenagers since most of the time when these happen in their daily activities, they won't be able to overcome them and the fact that this site is already posted, they might become aware enough to cope with their problems most especially with the pressures around them and with their inadequacies which would give them challenges