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Conversations and Experiences with My Little Cousins

Updated on May 18, 2009


Writing about the conversations that I had with my children brought back old memories I had with my little cousins. These events happened well over 15 years ago but are still fresh in my mind today. When I say my cousins I am actually talking about the children of my cousins and more specifically the grandchildren of my mother’s eldest sister.  These cousins are over 20 years old now (or pretty close to it) and I used to babysit them quite often. I was always called by my aunt to come on down anytime her grandchildren were around.  My aunt would pick up the phone immediately maybe because I was only a block away or maybe because I was good with children; regardless I had fun watching them anytime they were around.  My aunt was so funny about it, usually sneaking away from all the craziness of having too many little children around at once and she would also pay me even if their parents paid me. It was the perfect situation for a young girl like me.  Some of the things that happened while I was watching them were simply priceless. So here are a few. I am not including names for fear of future retribution!

THROW IT AWAY – One day I went to work with my cousin so that I could help her out by working and also watching her daughter who was about two years old at the time.  The day was pretty chaotic but we got through it without any major happening which was really good for us.  During some downtime I was playing with my little cousin she was being really cute and silly and we were having a great time.  At one point she held out her finger and said, “Look a boogie!” I could barely understand what she was saying because she had a little voice, she was still grasping language and the machines at work were really loud.  I said, “What?” While I looked closer at her finger and figured out what was going on. “OH Gross!” I screamed while I ran to get a tissue.  “Here is a tissue.” I stated while I brought one back to her.  “Too late.” She said smiling. “I already ate it!”  Yuck Yuck Yuck!!!  Needless to say I still give her grief about this whenever I see her.

APPLE JUICE YUMMY – One night I was called down to my aunt’s house so that I could help watch that same little cousin who was still about 2 years old.  Her parents were going out to an event and would not be gone too long but I was going to be giving her a little dinner and then putting her to bed after a while.  I should mention that my aunt lived alone at this time having been divorced from my uncle for years (in fact I don’t really remember them ever being married).  My aunt was like a bachelor only fending for herself until her children dropped by usually with their children. So back to the babysitting, it was just after dinner and I was playing games and relaxing with my little cousin.  She asked me for some juice so I got her little cup and found some apple juice in the refrigerator and gave it to her.  Before I turned around she asked me for more.  Even though at the time I thought that she went through it rather quickly I really did not know that much about children since I was a kid myself.  I decided to give her another cup and in my mind I knew it would be her last cup.  And again it was a moment and she was doing that heavy breathing that kids do when they drink something really fast or try to suck on a milkshake that is really too hard for them to pull through the straw.  She looked at me held out her cup and said, “More juice please.” She was certainly cute but I had to tell her no more juice.  That was not the answer she was looking for. She started to get upset and with any other child I would have ignored the tantrum that was about to unfold but this girl was totally mild mannered in nature.  So I knew something wasn’t quite right.  For some reason as I was turning to go back into the kitchen to put her cup up the cup went past my face and I realized that the smell was not quite right.  I immediately went into the refrigerator and got the apple juice out.  I opened it up and oh yeah it was way past apple juice and almost past wine at that point.  Great I had just gotten this two year old girl drunk. No wonder she wanted more and more apple juice it was the good stuff.

SAUSAGES – One morning our family went to a brunch and to this day I am not sure what or who the brunch was for or why we were all there. I do remember that it was my grandmother, my parents, my cousins and their children.  During the brunch I was honored with the job of watching one of my little cousins, of course.  He was being really shy for some reason. If I remember correctly he was scared of all the people there because it was at a restaurant.  The brunch was buffet/cafeteria style so I escorted my little cousin to help him to create a plate.  For some reason he wanted to go through first and look before we actually picked up the plate and went through the line.  I was carrying him and as we walked down the line of food he became very rigid in my arms making it hard for me to carry him.  Then all of a sudden I could feel him taking a deep breath of air like he was scared or something.  At first I thought it might have been the people in line around us because no one from our family was around or close by.  But then he let out a little scream not loud but loud enough for me to hear it.  So I asked him, “What’s wrong?” His response was priceless I was rendered speechless and I think the people around us were shocked. As he pointed to a tin pan full of sausages he responded, “Look! Little penises all cut up!”  That is something that could really mess up a boy’s mind.

These stories are always in my head and make me chuckle every time I think of them.  They were priceless moments that I will never forget.  I hope that some of the things that happen with my children stay in my mind just like these.  They are wonderful moments in time that I never want to forget. 


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    • gmwilliams profile image

      Grace Marguerite Williams 6 years ago from the Greatest City In The World-New York City, New York

      Beautiful hub.

    • Triplet Mom profile image

      Triplet Mom 8 years ago from West Coast

      Einron, Thank you for your honesty. That is good to know!

    • profile image

      einron 8 years ago

      I find the stories about your triplets more entertaining, but thanks all the same.