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Created Words

Updated on August 5, 2012


family made up words and names

In every family for one reason or an other there seems to be words that were made up by some and only that family knows what they mean and you won't ever hear any others using the word or made up name, and every one of them has a different meaning. Most of the time the words are made up names from mom and dad. For instance, my dad used to call me his chiquita or mamacita, one of my brothers called me T.J mara and when my mom cut my hair really short the same brother started to call me butch. My sisters name is Rebecca and her nickname has always been Nana, I don't know how she got stuck with that one. I call my daughters Lonksi and Mita but I made these up for them when they were really small so whenever we were out where there were a lot of people (strangers) I would only call them by their nicknames, so if anyone ever try to talk to them by calling them those names my girls knew not to respond because only mom can call them by those made up words aka nicknames. My daughter's friend and his family uses this really weird word that I have never heard before I forget what it is but believe me it's a made up word and I don't even know what they mean by it. An other word I made up is herrangatang and this word means some one with a big bootie and don't know why one day it just came out of my mouth when I described how this person looked; that had a big butt. Is there any made up words in your family? If there is, is there a special reason or story behind it or was it just made up by a drunken family member and stuck to you?


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      IntegrityYes 5 years ago

      I definitely voted up. It is so emotional and well-written. OOH,Dee! HAH-HAH!