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5 Creative Stay-at-Home Activity Ideas for Kids

Updated on June 7, 2020
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Having kids at home is nice, but it can be challenging when you need something important to do. Indeed, attending to them and working at the same time could be a challenge. With that, here are some stay-at-home activities you could try to your kids to keep them busy while you would be doing something or working from home.

Available education videos in Youtube
Available education videos in Youtube

1. Let them watch educational shows on TV or Youtube.

There are millions of educational videos available now online. Thanks to youtube and its content creators. Kids and parents can now have easy access to these contents. Kids can have real fun while learning. Parents can also do tasks other than attending to kids. Take note to use youtube kids to access only videos for kids.

Various coloring worksheets available online
Various coloring worksheets available online

2. Let them do some artwork.

With the help of paper, colors, pen, and other art materials, your kids would be eager to doodle and explore their creativity. It would surely unleash the painter in them. Just get surprised by the mess afterward. It is understandable and acceptable.

Another way is to ask them to color a worksheet that you can download free from the internet. Just search for the keyword coloring worksheet or activity.

Searchable DIY videos for kids in Youtube
Searchable DIY videos for kids in Youtube

3. Let them make some objects.

You can do this with the use of recyclable materials and youtube. I discovered this when my niece made a blazer out of the old clothes she had. She knew it with the help of youtube. The keyword to search is DIY for Kids.

You could ask them to create flower vases or pen holder using empty bottles of water or soft drinks. Just get the materials ready and then let them explore. Moreover, you can also provide them with clays so they can mold some of their favorite animals or figures.

Math worksheets available online
Math worksheets available online

4. Let them answer worksheets.

Again you can search for worksheets online. As for me, I usually download math worksheets. Just search for the math worksheet keyword.

5. Let them read with after-reading tasks.

You can give a magazine, or you can download it on the internet of an article for them to read. Then you can ask them to highlight all the unfamiliar words, and tell them to look it up in the dictionary. Or, you can ask them to read a story and ask them to retell it to you afterward, or they can re-enact their favorite scene.

Though you have given them activities to work on, you still need to check on them from time to time. And whenever you finished doing what you ought to do, then you can join them. After all, it is best when you have fun together with your kids: turning fun into learning plus family bonding.

I hope this article is helpful to you.

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