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Creative Arts Needlecraft Projects

Updated on December 28, 2015

My first HubPage was in 2008, it was a Creative Arts Story on Needlecraft Arts.

It's now 2016, I'm adding some more ideas for children to try out at home with a needle and thread, building up for the future for their own homes, by creating your own art and achieving satisfaction wth your inner self.

Creative Arts School Project

Two of my grandchildren on show day at school, dressed up their calves a real creative arts school project.
Two of my grandchildren on show day at school, dressed up their calves a real creative arts school project.

Show Day 2008 School Project.

Show day - School project.

Where have all those days gone?

It was a special day for the pupils at Midhirst School in Taranaki New Zealand.

A day to dress up, also your school calf, for prizes for the best creation.

It is amazing what children can come up with, ideas even I had not thought of, even more so when there was a special interest in creative arts which I had been doing for many years, now there where my grandchildren following on in my footsteps, sewing even for their school calves.

A day I will never forget, it lives in my memories today seven years later.

It surprised me, as my grandson was only 13 years old, he decided he was going as Bonnie and Clyde with his school calf, even the calf was carrying the money bags and a toy gun looking like the real gem.

His sister Misty with her calf all attire like a fairy, two calves enjoying the day also, (don't they look great) good education learning to enjoy animals.

Their older sister Haley was at polytech doing a fashion course, needless to say she was the one doing the sewing, but her brother was pretty good doing this type of creating also.

I'm pleased to see my grandchildren following on with fashion, after my 30 years in the rag trade, sewing, pattern grading, and in the cutting textiles.

As a young at heart nana, my grandchildren will keep me up with the trends of what's hot and what's not in my hobby of creative art and needlework.

At the age of 75 I'm still very interested in fashion, enjoy following up with all the different types of textiles, and offers insight into what teens these days are up to, for their attire.

Needlecraft of any kind is a gift that inspires creativity and promotes self-esteem and satisfaction with life.

Did you learn how to do needlework at school?

See results

My first canvas project

Photo Credit - Elsie Hagley
Photo Credit - Elsie Hagley

Needlecraft at School in the 1940 - 1950

Needlecraft was part of everyday schooling seventy years ago, one of the main ones taught was using sugar sacks and making oven cloths, by pulling the thread of the sugar sack out and rethreading if with different color threads.

Cross stitch was very popular as you can see by the above photo, I learned very early how to do a perfect cross stitch.

It is sad that this type of needlecraft has been lost, but it's never too late, you can buy canvas that the same thing can be learned, on put it in a frame makes very nice kitchen art.

First project - Learning to weave

Weaving on a Cardboard Loom

Weaving on a Loom

When I went to school we would be supplied with a wooden loom and wool thread which had a shuttle to roll the wool on, just like the video below, only not so modern.

Many articles could be made on these, I weave a scarf and used it for many years, it was very strong, only the wool was a bit rough on my neck.

It isn't hard to learn to weave on cardboard, the above video explains it well.

Why not try, teach your children to do created artwork with needle and thread?

Weaving on the SampleIt Loom

All you need is a basket full on needlework accessories and you can start creating your own hobby why not try something you have never done before?

Take a look in your mother sewing basket (ask first) you may be surprised at what you can accomplish if you try.

Basket Of Needlework


Making Pom Poms for warmth in the winter

Second Project - Making Pom Poms.

Pom poms can be made out of cotton, paper, plastic and practically anything you can thread through a loop and a centre hole.
As a child, I had many hours of fun making Pom poms.

In those days, milk bottles had cardboard tops with a hole in the middle to pour the milk out and yes it was so easy to use them and they were a way of recycling the cardboard tops.

For the wool, we would unpick old worn out jerseys or sweaters.

That being so it never cost us anything to make them and we would add them to our hats, make smaller ones by trimming the milk bottle tops and sewing them on the ends of our scarves.

Also sewing them together and making a soft rug for our feet in the cold winter, as the floor would only be floorboards with mats here and there.

Yes we were brought up in the country and money was very scarce in the war years, anyway, we could keep warm we would use any needlework to help keep us warm.

How To: Make a Pompom with a Cardboard Disc

Pom-pom is derived from the French word pompon, which refers to a small decorative ball made of fabric or feathers.



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    • kiwinana profile imageAUTHOR

      Elsie Hagley 

      3 years ago from New Zealand

      I learnt at school how to do cross stitch on sugar sacks, which continued on in my teens, I was about 13 when I did that canvas work, I still do it, I enjoy seeing the finished articles.

      Thanks for commmenting appreciate it.

    • peachpurple profile image


      3 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      wow, I love cross stitching, you did that in way so early years??

    • Elsie Hagley profile image

      Elsie Hagley 

      4 years ago from New Zealand

      Hi colorfulone. All my grandchildren have left school now, now sure if they are still doing it, but they still have school calf judging in the country schools so most likely still do, it is treated like a fund raising for the school with stalls of cooking, etc, have games and so much more..

      All my great grand children go to a urban school which they don't have calf judging shows, but my have pets, not sure of this will have to ask them.

    • colorfulone profile image

      Susie Lehto 

      4 years ago from Minnesota

      I do not know of anyone who has done this creative art project before. That must have been fun for your grandchildren.

    • Suzanne Day profile image

      Suzanne Day 

      5 years ago from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

      I love going to the Show! We have a similar agricultural shows in Australia with needlecraft and cake making competitions in them. Welcome to Hubpages and good to read your first hub! I really like the photo.

    • profile image

      Elsie Hagley 

      10 years ago

      This is a wonderful surpise, thankyou Haley, Chase and Misty, when I did this Hub Page I never expected a reply like this from my grandchildren, you are the best, you have made my day, you deserve this write-up about what you all have done in creating a new vision in love of animals, when you put your heart to it, which you all do.

      You did a great job Haley in making those outfits for the calves, Special Thanks to the Midhirst School for the encouragement of this type of creative arts in a project with animals, fit for all needlecraft projects, which this is superior.

    • profile image

      Haley, Chase, Misty 

      10 years ago

      it was so great to go on to your page and read what you have said about us. we take after you in the creative side of things and enjoyed dressing up and also dressing up our calves. Haley was so great at making the costumes for the calves, even back then she had a talent for designing clothes. thankyou for putting us on your page. we love you


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