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Moms are More Popular than Dads?!

Updated on August 24, 2009

Google Search Results: "Dad" and "Mom"

Curious to see which parent was more popular online, I looked up "dad" and "mom" on Google. I figured that the two words would produce the same number of results give or take 1,000,000. Well, I was far from right. I first looked up "dad" on Google and found that it has 13,200,000 results. So, what about mom? Astonishingly, the word "mom" produced a jaw-dropping 150,000,000 Google results. This number is more that 11 times what "dad" produced. Make what you will of this fact, but I thought it was very interesting! For that reason, I decided to look up "mommy" and "daddy". The word "daddy" produced 9,900,000 results while the word "mommy" produced 29,100,000. Are moms really that much more important than dads? They sure are on Google!


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    • profile image

      Angel 5 years ago

      I don't really think there should be the most populer parent they should both be good not only on." "I'm just sayn'."

      My fav. Thing in the world are my family!!!"