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Dad's Don't Just Happen

Updated on November 16, 2016

Where would our world be without the quiet love and guidance from our Dad's?

Dad's don't just happen. They aren't created the moment a baby arrives in this world.

They begin the process thru everything they do for the rest of their lives, once that child is born.

They shoulder the responsibility of a family to raise, mouths to feed, bills to pay, examples to be set.

A man becomes a good Dad because he had a good Dad. We remember the nights of walking the floor with us when we were sick, the mornings we heard his alarm clock go off and it was still dark outside and the nights he fell asleep in his "easy chair" before dinner was ready. We cherish those early mornings when we would go into the kitchen and it was still very quiet and it was just Dad and us sitting at the table, him drinking his coffee and reading the newspaper and us drinking our Ovaltine and reading the comics.

We remember piggyback rides and our first bikes. We remember sitting on Daddy's lap and having a story read. We remember Little League being coached and dance recitals with a bouquet at the end to tell us how good we did.

We know that Christmas was made extra special because Dad was there with all the same excitement and anticipation that we were feeling. We remember family picnics and staying until it was dark enough to build a campfire and sit around and sing the old songs. We remember learning how to fish and how to throw a curve ball and how to make "egg in the hole".

We remember the love for our Mom's and the support our Dad's gave them when they were overwhelmed. We remember quiet strength and the ability to face any hurdle, any crisis with guts. We remember falling asleep knowing that all was right in our worlds because we could hear Dad snoring in the other room.

We remember that sometimes it seemed hard to be a Dad and that we knew in those moments, just how much of a real man our Dad's were.

Our eyes get misty when we see our Dad's holding their firstborn grandchild and that quiet love you see in his face with each and every child who calls him "grandpa".

It doesn't come easy, this becoming a Dad and in turn, becoming a man. Its a long road filled with frustrations and disappointments but also much love, much pride and much to be thankful for.

"Perfect" isn't a word any man should ever use when measuring himself as a Dad.

The truest measure of a man is in the children he raises and especially in the men his son's become.


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