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Funny Story of a 9 Year Old's Prayer

Updated on October 5, 2011

Dear Lord,

Dear Lord,

I am ever so grateful for ALL of my children, and the fact that there is evidence even in this day and age of your greatness and the answering of prayers amazes me. I know there have been times I have doubted you, and questioned you, but not anymore. I have always been told that you listen to children extra specially close, and are more likely to grant their prayers. I appreciate that, I do. However, Lord, the next time one of my children offers up a prayer request to you, do you think we could have a little Pow Wow first to discuss it?

Don't worry, I am not mocking God.  This is just a funny story about one of the prayers my 9 year old said in December of 2009, around the dinner table.  Just goes to show........

I was getting plates ready for my son and his cousins, who were sitting around the table waiting.  Andrew decided he was going to say grace for supper, so here's what I heard.

Andrew: " Everybody hold hands we have to pray for our food"

My niece also 9: "Why do we have to pray for our food? I don't wanna hold your hand."

My nephew, 5 at the time: "That's gross, girls have germs"

Andrew: "Come on guys, we have to hold hands or God won't hear us and our food won't be good. Brison (my nephew) just hold one of her fingers, that counts.....(a few seconds later) "God thank you for our food, and thank you that Mom cooked it for us.  Thank you for all my family, my mom, my dad, for Daniel, and Ehthan (his brothers) for Nana, PawPaw, and Dad and Paul.................."

Shailee: "What about me?"

Andrew: "Shhhh, you're posed to be quiet and close your eyes when I pray......(continues with prayer) and for my cousins, and God, I don't have a little sister, but it don't really matter, but I would really like one to play with......."

I didn't hear the rest of the prayer as I was giggling as quietly as I could.  How cute, I thought.  Kids say the darndest things.  So I thanked Andrew for saying Grace and passed their plates around. 

I didn't think anything else about it after that.

September 7, 2010

Nine months after Andrew's cute little prayer, we welcomed his baby sister, Kynlea into the world.
Nine months after Andrew's cute little prayer, we welcomed his baby sister, Kynlea into the world.

Kynlea, was unexpected.  But she's such a blessing to us.  I had given up on having a little girl after my last and 3rd son, when I heard those words I was so familiar with..."it's a boy", and cried, Lol.  Even though I had decided to not ever have another one, things happen, you know it was wintertime, and it gets cold here in Texas.  Either way, I think God has a weird sense of humor, but I'm glad he answered the prayer of a little 9 year old boy, waitin on his "pusgetti".  Now days, however, I screen my kids prayers. :)


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  • holyjeans30 profile image

    Amy D. 5 years ago from Mostly in My Own Little World

    Hey Jess, welcome to HubPages, and yes, I give Andrew a lot of the credit for Kynlew lol.

  • lovingjzrw profile image

    lovingjzrw 5 years ago from Texas

    never knew that story amy. Very cute!

  • RandomLife profile image

    RandomLife 6 years ago from Nashville TN

    What a great story!!! I loved it. =)