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Do you have....Marbles?

Updated on February 11, 2016

Going For A Ride

I live with my mother, my daughter and her family. This makes for more than the average amount of chaos as well as a generous helping of comedic moments.

My Mother, Carolyn and myself were preparing for a short trip to town with our two youngest grandchildren, Nathaniel (who was 9 at the time) and Leilani (who was 6). There had already been the usual 15 minutes or so of trying to impress on the two of them our desire for them to get ready before they were old enough for Jr. High School. Accompanied by the ever present bossing, prodding and poking to insure the proper amount of brotherly and sisterly love. Finally the moment arrived when we were all securely buckled and fastened into the keys.


I went back in the house to get the car keys. As I was getting back into the car I said, "I must be losing my marbles." to no one in particular. My granddaughter heard me and asked me if I had marbles. I told her that I had a few left. She wanted to know where I kept them. So I told her they were inside my head. Then explained to her that everyone had marbles to lose. She sat back in her seat, quiet for a moment. As I started backing the car out of the garage I looked in the rear view mirror and saw my granddaughter moving her head back and forth. After a few moments she stopped. She said, "Grandma Tamme, I don't have any marbles left.". I asked her how she knew she didn't have any marbles and she said, " I know, because I can't hear any."


As we drove, I heard her brother ask her to check his marbles. He wasn't happy to find he had been diagnosed as also being without evidence of marbles after shaking his head. Fortunately, most children's attention spans are short and the stopping for a Happy Meal dispelled any real need for worry.


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