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Don't Be Fooled. Down Syndrome Does Not Mean Stupid

Updated on November 16, 2016

I have a daughter who was born with Down Syndrome. She is an adult and lives with her Dad and I. Sometimes I have to remind myself who the adult is and who was born with Down Syndrome in our family.

Comments overheard from Shannon in the backseat......

Yesterday, coming back from Hobby Lobby, we passed a building which used to house a Best Products. Many of you might remember Best Products from back in the 80s and early 90s. One of the earliest of the big box stores, they pretty much carried everything at discount prices.

I don't remember the year, but pretty sure it was late 80s and every kid in America wanted a Cabbage Patch Kid Doll. Mine were no exception. The only problem was that no matter which store or how many were stocked, they flew off the shelves within mere minutes of being displayed.

Somehow I heard that Best Products was receiving a shipment of Cabbage Patch Dolls. A feat in those days of no internet or cell phones. I knew that once those doors opened, it would be pandemonium. With Christmas coming up and 2 little girls and 1 little boy, who really wanted a doll, I knew I had to try.

As we were passing the building yesterday, my husband asked me if I remembered what used to be there. Of course I told him that it was Best Products and then recounted to him how I stood in line, one cold November morning determined to get 3 Cabbage Patch Dolls for 3 of my children. I told him how I got there 3 hours before the store opened and waited for what seemed like an eternity. But that once those doors opened, there was no holding me back.

You took what you grabbed. Forget choosing hair color or names that you thought they might like. You were considered lucky to just be getting one, let alone 3! And lucky I was. And happy those 3 sweet little kids were on Christmas morning. I finished telling my story, Mike mentioned that I was a good Mom for doing that.

And Shannon?

Well, Shannon had been quiet throughout the whole story, and didn't comment when Mike said I was a good Mom. But a few minutes later, I heard her say:

"You a good Mom, Mom"

Must have been that bright sunlight causing me to tear up......


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