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Double Jogging Stroller: Buying Guide for New Parents

Updated on June 5, 2016

How to choose the best double jogging stroller?

When it comes to your child, you don’t want to take any chances. There are so many products on the market today that it’s important to do your research to find the item that best meets your need and price point before jumping to make a purchase. When it comes to best double jogging stroller, there are even more things you’ll want to investigate. From safety and comfort considerations to maintenance and maneuverability, spending a little time looking at the details can bring you years of satisfaction.

What to Consider before buying the best double jogging stroller

The jogging stroller can either be double or single. Most people prefer using the double jogging stroller due to its advantages such as firmness over the single jogging stroller. In choosing a best double jogging stroller, there are various factors that one should consider, they include:

1. The quality of the jogging stroller:

Well, here I got a stroller and I want to go jogging with it and my small toddlers in there. I though this is just fun, but the fact is you can do that unless the quality of the stroller is made in well to accommodate your vigorous movement thus leaving the kids comfortable. Therefore, the stroller by all means should be very comfortable to ensure the safety of the kid. In addition, this high-quality double stroller will also ensure that the kids have fun as they are comfortable and therefore in a position to enjoy the jogging of the parent. Jogging with kids on board may seem not possible until you meet a quality double jogging stroller. It works like an outdoor play experience for your kids as you keep yourself fit.

2. The front wheel is also a key consideration:

I am amazed by the technology of running with the stroller, I came to understand its all about the front wheels. One of the things to consider when purchasing a jogging stroller is the fashion on the front wheels. They provide the whole stability and navigation of the stroller when jogging. That front wheel can give the best navigation when you are jogging, therefore, it needs to professionally fix and a bit stable of free swaying. It should be well fixed to avoid cases such as the flipping over of the wheel when you are in high motion. The main aim of checking the condition of the wheel is to avoid cases of accidents. The wheel should also be checked regularly. The best jogging strollers have totally fixed front wheels.

3. Age of the babies:

As a parent, it is wise to keep in mind that little babies between the ages of 6 months and below should not be swayed or swung rapidly whether using your hands or a jogging stroller. If your child is dropped, swung or exposed to a sudden vigorous movement, it will affect it later in life. This is because the required age for a baby to be run with a stroller is six to eight months. The parent should avoid cases where babies below the age of six months are placed on the jogging stroller. The reason is just simple, the baby must have developed muscles and the neck must also be very strong to avoid risks such as dislocation. If you jog with a below 6 months baby you are actually making the baby scared rather than entertaining it. By the time my baby was 6, 7, 8 I could see when I put it in bed it will tend to follow the colored object, it is interested in outside movements, like the curtains and tree branches. This meant if am out jogging with by kids in the stroller they are actually enjoying every bit of nature and the outdoors just as I am. This is because by that age they can recognize sound colors and attractive object and have the ability to follow the objects with their eyes.

4. The presence of the suspension systems:

Most people love to jog on rough terrains and some love straight well-played paths or parks. The terrain you choose may decide how comfortable the child in the stroller may feel. However, when you are looking for the best double jogging stroller you should consider the suspension's ability of the stroller to ensure it is stable in most ordinary terrain. How as a reasonable parent one should not go into rough terrain given that, however much the suspension of the stroller may be effective, the rough terrain will affect the baby. These considered the double jogging stroller should have effective suspension systems. This includes shock absorbed systems.This helps the kid to relax, especially where the road has several bumps, which might shock the kid or result to stress.

Shock absorbs allow for smooth rides over the rough or uneven ground, just like you are in your car. Most jogging style strollers offer shocks on each wheel to help prevent baby from getting jostled about too much. It also helps to improve the speed adjusting depending with the participant. When combined with other features, they can decrease the jarring aspects of the ride over uneven terrain and make the whole experience more enjoyable for baby. Most true jogging products will have the suspension options in spades.

These strollers set the gold standard historically of a great jogging product and they all have impressive shock absorption features. They sport an adjustable suspension system that you can set depending on the type of terrain you will be going over and the weight of your child.

5. The jogging stroller must have large pneumatic tires:

The tires must be air filled to help reduce the effect of bumps on the kid. In addition to this, the air filled tires increase the rolling resistance, therefore reducing the effort that is used in pushing the jogging stroller. The parent should, therefore, check the tires before making any payments. The distance between the wheels should also be a key consideration.

6. Durability of the jogging stroller should also be considered:

Although the jogging stroller is only used for a short period of time, it should be durable enough to ensure that the owner can resell it once the use of the stroller is completed.

7. The make of the stroller:

A stroller having moving parts will eventually require close monitoring and maintenance. This will help you to care and avoid an unexpected breakdown that is hazardous to the kid and the parent too.

As a moving machine, it requires greasing and applying the lubrication. This will be durable and long lasting and will be used by different family members for such activities. It is also important to protect the kid from the external forces like wind, direct sunlight, heat and rain drizzles. The material should be a dustless and easy to clean and wipe to avoid dump and dust and keep the kid away from infections and exposure.

8. Jogging safety:

This is a safety precaution to keep your child safe and like the harness in the infant car seats, they go over the shoulders, hips and between the legs to secure baby in the seat and to minimize injuries in case of a crash. This is especially important in the event of a stroller flip due to user error or a faulty front wheel assembly.

9. Comfortable:

This is one of the considerations that requires having the best jogging stroller. The environment the kid is during jogging should be comfortable, protected and swiftness. It requires the baby to have a strong neck muscle from the movement up and down. This is a result that the babies are of the right age before being subjected to such activities. Safety comprises the baby comfortable and also the age of the kids despite the ground.

Running Safely with a Double Jogging Stroller

10. Other considerations include:

The weight and the size of the stroller should also be considered as they contribute to the portability and effectiveness of the stroller. The handle bar should also be adjusted for ease of use, a hand brake should be well placed and all the price should also be considered. Where the jogging stroller is second hand, one should ensure that it is well kept. It is one of the things to consider as the baby is increasing with size and weight and it requires to have a suitable stroller. It requires therefore to have a strong stroller to enable you to accommodate the kids and capable of covering the distance as well. At times, the ground may not be comfortable and smooth and thus, weight and size is a determinant of the stroller to choose.

After all the above considerations, one can then decide on the type of the jogging stroller to buy. The mode of delivery depends on the agreement between the buyer and the seller. The pictures of the double jogging strollers are available at and one can easily access them. In addition to this, there are customer reviews on each of the jogging stroller and one can look at the positive and negatives raised by customers on each of the jogging strollers. As the best way to comprehensively carry everything for yourself and the kid the stroller should have storage parts and will help you in getting the drinks and food for the kid. While jogging it is not for you getting exercised, but a time to expose your kid to the outside world pass time and get him/her active. A good jogging stroller should hold all this in one shelf and in case you pass via a shopping mall it has a basket to keep light weight goods.

Best Picks- Double Jogging Stroller

BOB Revolution FLEX Duallie Stroller

  • Front swivel wheel.
  • Front wheel locking system for tough terrain and straight movement.
  • Accessory adapter for the attachment of infant car seats.
  • Reclining seats for extra comfort.
  • Easy two ways folding for portability and lightweight frame.
  • Five point harness system.

BOB Ironman Double Jogging Stroller

  • Fixed front wheel increases stability.
  • 2-step folding mechanism.
  • Adjustable suspension system.
  • Ultra padded adjustable reclining seat.
  • Canopy offers extra protection.

Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger

  • Both chairs recline for the kids comfort.
  • Two cup holders and parent tray.
  • You can lock front swivel wheel for a more stable ride.
  • Adjustable sunshade for the kids.


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