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Dream, Ideas and Vision

Updated on November 19, 2012

Dare To Dream

Dreams are part of life. They are very important part. Every one dream differently. I am writing on “Dream”. I am not talking of Dreams as medical defines it but something more to it. The Dream which medical science defines is part of my debate today but not the “Soul” of the debate. I want to define “Dream” which will take you to the “Sky and Beyond”.

Dream – In the definition of Medical Science

Usually kids starts dreaming very early, even before they start talking. They smile in the dream and cry too. Many times they wake up in the mid night and start talking. What one see in the state of sleep when the body takes rest but mind is still working? This is called dream. Some of these dreams are still fresh when wake up, fully remembered, some forgotten and lost. Some of these dreams are partially forgotten and partially remembered. Medial science calls it dream. Usually one dreams what is mind does and thinks whole day. Many times most important events which have greater impact on dream are reproduced in dream. But most of the time it is all about what is hidden in mind, what is going in mind is shown as dream. Many times they are not related at all. This is all about Dreams in medical science.

I am not talking for this Dream which happens in unconscious state of mind and does not have any control on it. I want talk about something which is in conscious mind and developed.

“Dream beyond Horizon, Dream beyond the Moon and Beyond the Sky” . There is World beyond the sky. Dreaming big is what I am talking " Dream" ; beyond every dream, creating a world for you beyond every imagination is dream. I am talking of dream and ideas a human being build for his future, what he wants to be, where he want to reach and which road he want to take.

You may be thinking what absurd things I am talking about but I want to talk this only. Today everyone is talking of change, People’s fighting and winning Elections and Winning Noble Prize on theme of Change.

Do they really talking of Change, Do they really know what is change, “Change yourself, before you can change any one else”

“Be the flag bearer of the Change, Flag Bearer of your Dream and Destiny, Destiny of Many with You”

“Those who can Dream, They can Change, They Can Create, Creation and Innovations are the ultimate results of these Dream.”

Dream as Vision as Future

I am talking about the Dream with conscious mind. Dream is road to success, is Path travelled to Success, are Milestones of Success. These are goals one defines himself for his future. Without Dreams there cannot be innovations, there cannot be new technology and change. The past century and this new century are the fasted changing. Where do you stand in this fast changing world?

The only constant thing is Change, only those who can change before the change arrives can survive. This is highly competitive world. There are neck throat competitions; I would like to say Neck- Cut competition. In this world of change, be a flag bearer of change. This is the Only way to survival. When you start journey and you will find many more following the footsteps and joining the journey.

“Dream” is all about the journey you will take to achieve what you will purview as beyond the reach of the most who will follow. This Goal, Vision and Future of your journey is “ Dream”.

Think Beyond every border

“Dream” beyond all boundaries, there are no boundaries.

The Universe, nobody knows till date, how big it is, what does it contents and how much it has. The knowledge too do not have boundaries, there are no limits to it, today we be using Fossil Fuels to run the cars, may be on sand tomorrow. The possibility does exist for this.

Dream of something which has no limits, beyond all limit.

Opportunities come to them who “Dare to Dream”.


If you think the journey is easy then this not The “Dream”. Get ready for long , difficult Journey.

“Dreams” are the Goal, the Destination, you are planning to reach. Before starting a journey which you do not know how long it will take, how is road, the difficulties and problem will arise. One must be ready for the road less traveled Why I am telling this Road less traveled because very few take this road, to achieve ultimate goal.

Don’t be Afraid, Don’t be Shy

Getting ready mentally is the first and foremost step in this journey. Confidence, self confidence will guide to throughout the journey. This confidence in self will give you energy, refuel your ambition and motivate you to “Take on The world”. This is what is expected when you start on a Road Less Traveled Don’t think journey will be easy, get better than the difficulties, have courage to face the challenge and The Success will be yours.

You will find different people over the Journey, some disguised as friends, some are family members beware of them and their motives. Many times they may be real sympathisers of you but may not have the Eye-Sight to see the future. The future through your Eyes, Vision which Dream of. Just make them comfortable, many times they will not understand them but they are year well-wishers and they love you. Just be with them don’t hate them but be steadfast, be determined on carrying out the journey. Don’t Stop, Just continue the Journey. There will be light and Succeed.

There are the robbers and enemies who like to see your failures and happy to see you fail. Don’t be afraid of them, face them, Challenge them but don’t waste your precious time on them. They can disturb you, but your determination, your confidence will help you and encourage you to continue.

The real problem is those who show to (false) sympathize with you , show that they are your friends ( dis-guises) and gives you impression that they have all good in their heart for you, in reality they are your enemies. Be-aware of them, they are not easy to find and they make most damage to your efforts to reach the destination.

Parenting for Dream – Parenting for Future and Vision

Parenting and upbringing plays a critical role in Dreams and Vision. The surrounding and schooling are the other factors which will make difference to the future of the Young Ones.

Parents play a very critical role in developing the abilities of their offspring’s. They are the ones who will guide these young hearts in right directions to build on the capabilities of DREAMING. Yes, the first and foremost is the environment of the home which will guide these young hearts.

Relationship – Relationship between parents, relationship between parents and their Children’s and Relationship between Siblings are all important in developing the capabilities of the mind. When mind is fully busy in thought provoking Dreams is the best. It time for Dreaming. It is not wasted in silly matter. The environment in the home will be at core, what the children read, what their parents read and what they all talk and discuss.

What are books and reading , audio and video media is available for these children’s to look at is of great importance in building the initial capability of thinking , Capability of Dreaming. These Dreams must of their own and should not be imposed on them; they must have enough space and independence to think themselves. They should be encouraged to think, they must be challenged on groomed for thought provoking ideas. At the same time they must be given their own space to take decisions. When there is aberration just convince them to correct it but don’t force them into something which is your Dream rather than the Dream of Children.

This habit can be encouraged with good books and interesting stories and debates which will guide them to take on the world. This motivation will help them.

When these children’s start their journey let them start, encourage them , help them when they need, motivate them when they require it and give them hope confidence when they fail. Always see through their eyes so that they will succeed. It is their success, their world.

This Success Bring Smile of the Face of Parent also. It is their Success also.


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