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Easter Chaos- For The Love Of Memories

Updated on April 8, 2015

Easter Explosion

Asking the BIG questions,Like How Many Flavors Of Jelly Belly Jelly Beans Are There? Look on bottom to find out

Who invented peeps?.a traditional Easter candy.

That is like fluff On a spoon with pixie dust sprinkled on top.

So who invented this Candy Legend and when?

Russian immagrint Sam Born, They were invented. in 1953

This classic candy is great to eat but messy on a carpet,speaking from a mom of 4 year old.

Where did the egg dying traditions tradition come From?

No one knows for sure But It is believed to be Dated back to Royalty, when kings would decorate eggs and Give them As gifts.

For where ever Such a fun Easter Activity came from who Doesn't Love hard boiled eggs?

Make fun Candy Filled Eggs

What to do what not to do at Family Easter Dinner

The Kids Table

Having a Kids table, I think is a great idea.The table covered with drawing paper,and Cups of Crayons.This will keep Them entertained and not starting a food fight when your not looking.

The Kids table should be placed close to the main table,so that they Can join in on Conversation.No Matter what Uncle Bob says,Do not put the Kids Table outside.

Breaking Traditions

Easter Dinner, it's okay to break food traditions if you and your family would rather Meatloaf over Ham,go for it.Just make sure that it is agreed upon, so to avoid nasty comments from your Outspoken Sis in Law.

Avoid buying too many snacks to eat before dinner,kids normally will not eat their dinner if they Have Downed a bag Of Doritos and half of a veggie Platter.

Don't want A lot Of leftovers filling up your fridge? Solution, make up plates of food,and Send One Home for Each of your Guest.Do not throw food away this is such a waste.

Kids getting bored with Egg Hunt Tradition. Try

This Simple Scavenger Hunt Instead

Say Cheese

Remember to take Lots of Pictures at your Family dinner.These photos Will be.great Memories One Day.Best way to capture these moments.

One group picture is fine,but try to capture some When your family are being (themselves)

Capture The Spontaneous Smiles

Take that photo of Grampa Holding up the Paper Origami he Made Out Of Napkin,Get Little Allison with her chocolate covered face.It's the littlest things that create such great memories.

Jelly Belly Jelly Beans

The First Jelly Beans were made in 1861 by Confectionary genius William Schaeffer.

"Jelly Belly Jelly Beans" transformed traditional jelly beans adding unique fun flavors.

These are the 50 Official Jelly Belly Flavors

Cream soda, Crushed pineapple,Rootbeer ,Dr Pepper, Berry Blue,French Vanilla,Blueberry,Green Apple,Bubblegum,Island punch,Buttered popcorn,Juicy Pear,Cantaloupe, Kiwi,Capachino,Lemon Drop,Caramel Corn,Lemon Lime,Chili mango, Licorice,Chocolate Pudding,Mango,Cinnamon,Margerita,Coconut, Berry Smoothie, Cotton Candy, Orange sherbet,Peach,Pina Colada,Plum,Pomegranate, Raspberry, Red Apple,Sizzling cinnamon, Strawberry Cheesecake, Strawberry dayquiri,Strawberry Jam,Sour Candy, Sunkist Lemon,Sunkist Lime, Sunkist Orange,Pink Grapefruit,Tangerine,Toasted Marshmallow,Top banana, Tutti Fruiti,Berry Cherry,Watermelon,

And Wild BlackBerry.

They also carry a line of Birdie Bots Every Flavor Bean Based on the Popular Movie "Harry Potter"

You can purchase these Beans At Hot Topic stores Select Toy R's and Other Select Stores.

Check out Some of these of The wall flavors

Barf flavor(Eww Gross)

Lawn Clippings flavor (Cut grass Smells Good But Don't know About taste)

Booger Flavor (eww Gross Too)

Bacon Flavor (Jelly Bean Breakfast mmmm)

Sardines flavor (Sounds Fishy to me)

Rotten Eggs flavor (well eggs are part of easter?)

Pickle flavor (sour?or sweet pickle?)

Black pepper flavor (cough cough cough coughing)

Dirt flavor (sure I must have tasted dirt flavor as a child)

Does the Easter bunny you hide your child's Easter Basket?

See results

Decorate an egg carton to collect eggs

want To keep egg Hunt even?Have Kids Decorate egg cartons and Let every Child fill their carton.

Hopping fun Hope everyone Having A great Easter.


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