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The Best Backyard Fun For spring

Updated on April 3, 2015

Here are some great Ideas for when it is too cold for swimming and not enough snow for sledding and no leaves to jump in.

that's right it is that time of year again, SPRINGTIME

What about an obstacle in the backyard you will need jump ropes, Bubbles,Balls and Bats,Hoolah hoops , If you have a hill, for rolling..Great!!

but you set up two lines one for each team member, if there is more than 2 children, they can take turns you have them jump rope 5 times, then blow at least 5 bubbles, hit the ball with the bat 2 times Hoola-hoop 2 times and roll down the hill, to the bottom they then have to roll back up again.Add to the fun and have them go through the obstacle course backwards.

Picnic Time-A nice dry day would be the perfect day for an outdoor Picnic

You will need a blanket or sheet to lay on the ground or picnic table if you have one. A basket doesn't have to be a picnic basket any basket *small laundry basket will do= you can make sandwhiches cut up fruit and some juice boxes the kids will love this special springtime activity

Let go Camping and hiking

the wind a little cold but is it a nice spring day set up a tent outdoors and do an outdoor Camping/hiking adventure, if you have woods around your house you can spray on the bug spray and dress for it and take a hike or in the city you could go for a walk down the road come back and camp out in their Camp/Tent for an outside can also collect rocks flowers grass branches so that the kids can collect them from their adventure

Have some kids safe Dishes make some Mud Pies Every kid loves playing in the dirt and it is even more enticing if they have spoons and bowls rollers ext. that big people get to use to cook. encourage their imagination by making a restaurant for their mud creations like mud burgers and more.

Classic game of Freeze Tag or follow the leader never go out of style yes you remember these from when we were kids well kids still love these just as much now.

Whatever you do outside enjoy the sunshine and if it is sprinkly lightly type of day grab some umbrellas and do a singing in the rain encore. Enjoy your springtime Best wishes to all mom's and families thank goodness--spring is here

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