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Easter Themed Minute to Win it Games

Updated on March 11, 2016

Want to plan an easter themed evening of fun? Minute to Win it games can be easily adapted to the theme of Easter and provides fun for all ages. Using resources you probably have at home already or bought at the dollar store the games can be put together cheaply and quickly. Most of the games suggested below are suitable for young and old, and the games can be run as player against player or team against team. A timer or stopwatch is needed for every game.

Minute Countdown

Minute timer on an ipad
Minute timer on an ipad | Source

Egg Toss

Equipment Needed

Four hoops

16 plastic eggs, taped closed to prevent opening.

Marker to show standing position

Egg toss can be played in several ways. Using some hoops (these ones are from a twister game) and plastic eggs, players need to get all the eggs in the hoops in a minute. Other ways to play to make the game more challenging could be throwing the correct color egg into the corresponding hoop. If playing team against team you can play for the highest number of eggs in each hoop thrown in a minute to find the wining team.

Equipment Needed for Egg Toss

Hoops, eggs and marker needed to play egg toss
Hoops, eggs and marker needed to play egg toss | Source

Jellybean Sort


Jellybean Sort

Equpiment Needed

Tweezers or chop sticks

Jellybeans in 5 different colors

sorting cups

In this game a set of jellybeans for a each color are placed in one container. The player using tweezers or chopsticks must move each jellybean to sort it into a container of the correct color. The winner is the person who sorts all the jelly beans into the correct color containers in one minute.

Equipment needed for jellybean sort
Equipment needed for jellybean sort | Source

Stacking Peeps


Stacking Peeps

Equipment Needed


Flat surface

How many peeps can you stack in a minute? Stack the Peeps one on top of the other to make a tower. If the stack falls over then start again. The winner if the player with the most stacked Peeps in a minute.

Stacking Cups

Equipment Needed

10 cups of one color

1 cup of a different color

Using a series of cups in one color and one cup in another color, the cups are stacked with the different colored cup at the bottom of the stack of cups. As shown below the player has to move the blue colored cup to the top of the stack, but the cups can only be moved from top to bottom. So the top cup moves to the bottom of the pile, the next cup on top is moved to the bottom of the pile and so on until the green cup reaches the top. The objective is to get the cup from the bottom of the stack to the top in one minute.

Equipment for Stacking Cups

Stack of green and one blue cup
Stack of green and one blue cup | Source
Green cups stacked on top of blue cup
Green cups stacked on top of blue cup | Source

Bat and Peeps


Peeps in the Nest

Equipment Needed

Pre determined number of Peeps

Bat or Paddle


Marker for batting position

To play Peeps in the nest the player stands by the marker and when the stopwatch starts they bat Peeps into the basket. If all the Peeps land in the basket before the minute is up the player wins. It is helpful to have a few people retrieving any Peeps that do no make it to the basket to keep restocking the player.

Hunting for Eggs


Egg Hunt

Equipment Needed

Styrofoam eggs


Grass or shredded paper

Bowl for the found eggs

The player picks as many eggs as they can find hidden in the grass. The objective is to find a pre specified number of eggs before the minute is up. This can be made harder or easier by adapting the number of eggs used and the size of the container. It is a good idea to play this game on a table or on a large cloth to catch any escaping shredded paper.

Equipment Needed for Egg Toss


Egg Race

Equipment Needed

Sraws - reusable ones are better if possible

Plastic eggs



The objective of this game is to move three eggs to the hoop by blowing them with a straw. To win the game the player needs to get the three eggs touching the hoop in one minute.

Resources Needed

Hoop, eggs and straws
Hoop, eggs and straws | Source

Flying Peeps

Equipment Needed




The objective of the game is to knock down a series of eggs on tubes using Peeps as the 'ball'. The player has to knock down a pre determined number of eggs by throwing peeps at the eggs in a minute.

Equipment Needed

Tubes, plastic eggs and peeps
Tubes, plastic eggs and peeps | Source

Equipment Needed

Hoop, paper Peeps, straws
Hoop, paper Peeps, straws | Source

Peeps on the Move

EquIpment Needed

Paper Peeps




The objective of the game is to move the paper Peeps from the marker to the hoop using by sucking up on a straw. the winner is the person who moves all the Peeps to the hoop using only the straw in one minute.

All of these games can be easily adapted for any time of year or event and are lots of fun! The games are easily resources from items you may have around the home.

© 2015 Ruthbro


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