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Easy Potty Training Ways in Less Than a Week

Updated on September 1, 2016

For a parent, training our children to pee and poop on their own is not an easy task. It actually is harder than we thought we knew. As a mother, I did have a hard time potty training my two daughters. My first daughter learned to pee and poop on her own when she was less than two years old. It was an advantage that I was a stay at home mom during that period so I have all the time to watch over her and teach her how to do it. My second daughter’s potty training was not so hard with the assistance of my first daughter. At least she was there to show her younger sister how to do it. As majority say, children learn more and faster from children and the best way to learn is by example.

To all moms and soon to be moms out there, I have researched some tips which I summarized below for your reference. I hope you will learn from it too.


Proven Tips on How to Let Your Child Cooperate

1. Make Sure Your Child is Ready

Parents worry if their children still do not know how to pee and poop on their own while other kids at their age can. We are all aware that not everything that works for me will work for everyone. This applies same with our kids. Timing is still a key so make sure your child is ready to do it first before you start. Try reading the book Potty Training by Jennifer Nicole because it might help you too as it has done to one of my colleagues who had a hard time training her son.

2. Do Consistent Training

Train your child in the morning and in the afternoon. Let him play, eat and drink the way he used to and then show him the potty and teach him how to use it. Let him stay for at least 10 minutes before getting him out. When you go out, carry a potty with you or if you do not have a spare, bring him to the public CR and let him use the facilities. Just make sure to check for cleanliness still for his health. If you are going to a friend's house, bring him to their bathroom and assist him in using the toilet. Going out of the house should not be a reason to stop the consistency of the training.

3. Train Them When They’re Naked Too

After bath time, kids want to stay naked for a while so just let them be. Then eventually, show them the toilet and teach them how to use it. My first daughter was trained this way. I would usually let her run around the house without clothes for some time after bathing. She will voluntarily tell me if she needs to pee and I will show her the toilet and let her sit on it. I would also let her wear a dress without underwear or diapers inside the house, a t shirt will work for boys. This way, they will have no other option when they want to poop or pee but to go to the potty or to the toilet.

4. Rewards or Prizes After Potty Session Works

If teachers give stars to your kids after doing remarkable goals at school then this strategy surely works at home too. Give your kids sweets or just small gifts like stickers after they went to the potty on their own. When they are fully trained, you can treat them to a day out too. Let them enjoy every achievement they successfully attained. That will help them realize the importance of goal setting. By simply saying, “I love you!” works well enough and will make them feel loved even more.

5. Inform the Teacher About the Activities

If your child is going on a nursery school, you have to tell the teacher about your potty training activities too. Some schools and teachers help in the training by giving their pupils time to sit in the potty and others don’t so just inform the teacher about it. By watching their companions use the potty, they might learn even faster.

Now, are you ready to do this training with your kids? Potty training in a few days or more is not what matters as long as you are doing it the right way. Your child will eventually learn how to do it and you are there to help.

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