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Educational Wii Games 2013

Updated on April 1, 2014

Top Nintendo Wii Educational Games for Kids and Adults for 2012

The Nintendo Wii gaming console is a delightful invention - not only are there great games simply to have fun - there are some excellent Educational Wii Games as well!

On this page, you will find the top educational games for the Nintendo Wii system, both by popularity and top consumer rankings. (Note: If you want to find more games, check toward the bottom of the page for more shopping options.)

Recommended Shopping: For each of the Educational Wii Games listed here, recommended shopping resources are provided to help you find them online for great prices.

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The Top Five Educational Wii Games 2013

These days, more and more parents are using TV games to their advantage by allowing their children to play educational games which have the potential to assist them in improving everything from their mathematics to their reading abilities. This year, there are top 5 educational Wii games which have made it to the top of many parents' wish lists, and they include;

Jumpstart Escape Adventure island

Jumpstart is a brand of educational games that have wormed their way into parents and children's hearts over the past decade or so. Each game is designed for children of a specific grade, and the games combine quality training with fun and exciting adventures. Children of 5 to 9 years of age find these options especially entertaining, and the titles within this series include "Pet Rescue" and "Escape from Adventure Island". All-in-all, these titles are both enjoyable and educational, making them perfect for children of all ages; the grownups might also find themselves struggling to turn these games off, which means that the entire family can spend hours playing the game together.

Jumpstart educational wii games are a great way for rather young children to have some fun and get some great learning time in at the same time.

There are two educational games to choose from, including Escape from Adventure Island and Jumpstart Pet Rescue.

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Big Brain Academy:

Wii Degree

Wii Degree's Big Brain Academy is quickly becoming a very popular educational game, and children can expect to find themselves doing a lot of "mental work" when taking on the challenges provided by this pastime. The variety that this option allows children to choose from means that they won't get bored very easily, and so they will often train for longer periods of time. It is recommended that children of 8 years and older play this game, although parents of children as young as 4 have claimed that they enjoy it just the same. Memory games, mathematical puzzles and recognition challenges all add to the excitement of this option.

Big Brain Academy - Wii Degree is a great game for kids and adults who enjoy some mental and "quick thinking" types of games.

There are memory games, number-crunching games and games involving visual recognition.

Although this game is aimed toward players 8 years and older, some customer reviews reported children age 4-6 enjoying it as well.

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Sesame Street:

Elmo's A-to-Zoo Adventure

Sesame Steet Educational Games for Wii are a brand new product for kids for 2010. There are two games (both of which have a release date of October 2010), Elmo A to Zoo Adventure and Cookie's Counting Carnival.

One great thing about both of these games is that they adapt to a child's learning level, making it unique and challenging for each game play.

(Note: Prior to their release, these games are available for pre-order.)

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My Word Coach

My Word Coach Educational Games are focused on "improve your vocabulary" types of challenges. No matter whether you are at adult or child level, there are great challenges to either know or learn the meanings of words.

Note: After the game is started and played for a time, the challenge increases and becomes generally more difficult than what is really possible for kids of young ages (up to teen years). In short - the words get really tough after a while! (Something to keep in mind before purchasing the game.)

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Cosmic Family

The Cosmic Family Game for Wii is a unique way for kids to have "their turn" on the Wii at a level that is not overwhelming or confusing for them.

The basic theme is about a family that lives on a spaceship - plenty of learning games that are fun for kids around 4 to 8 years.

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Science Papa

The Science Papa Educational Game for Wii has quite a number of different experiments and fun learning games for aspiring scientists or simply people who want to expand their knowledge in the areas of chemistry, physics, biology or paleontology (fossils).

Although the game information says that this is for kids of any age, per the reviews I studied it appears that this is geared more for older kids.

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World Of Zoo

A great game for kids to assist in learning about animals - the World of Zoo Educational Wii Game.

Players can customize their own zoo, taking care of and earning the trust of their animals and learning about them through information from National Geographic.

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Endless Ocean:

Blue World

There are a couple of different "Endless Ocean" educational games, including Endless Ocean: Blue World and Endless Ocean: Dive, Discover, Dream.

Both of these games are getting excellent consumer reviews - and a lot of them.

Players can interact with a huge variety of under-sea life.

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Wild Earth:

African Safari

The Wild Earth: African Safari game for Wii has the basic theme of players on a safari, observing the various creatures that live in the wild of Africa. The basic missions involve taking photographs of the animals, with other secondary activities as well.

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Smarty Pants:

Trivia for Everyone

The Smarty Pants Educational Wii Games are "smart" or intuitive based on age. When players choose a "Mii" (a personalized character for the game), they enter their age. From that point the game offers questions and challenges appropriate for that age range. (Impressive feature!)

Rather than being focused in on one type of learning (words, math, etc.), this is more of a general information or a trivia type of game - and is an excellent choice for entire families and groups to play.

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Cranium Kabookii

The Cranium Kabooki Educational Wii Games are based on the board game, "Cranium" - and are actually quite similar.

Cranium Kabookie has a fun and unique feature - the decoder glasses. These help the player to find out the answer to a scrambled letter clue, without divulging the answers to any other players that may be watching the game.

Note: The average customer rating on this game is lower than what is given to the rest of the games here on this page. However - the main complaint was that that the scrambled letters on the game screen were simple enough to make the game "cheatable". But, this was the case for adults playing the game rather than kids - this can actually help to make the game simple enough for younger kids to enjoy more without excessive challenge.

The majority of reviews were quite complimentary for this game, especially for those who already love the game, "Cranium".

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Want to submit a review? Suggest a game? Say howdy? =)

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      Very nice!

      Thanks for sharing. Here's another very good site

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      Looking to find things ti play with my young son. Thanks for sharing!

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      Thanks! I was looking for ideas for my 4 year old! :)

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      @anonymous: I love poopy! I lick it every day and its really good, better than that poopy endless water game!

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      great lens :)

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Many of us would Love to see (& BUY) more like the "Endless Ocean" games! Even my 6 yr. Granddaughter can't get enough of playing them. Who doesn't love adventure and discovery - science is the perfect never-ending subject!

    • krislu lm profile image

      krislu lm 5 years ago

      Howdy! I think educational games are a great way to learn AND play for all ages!

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Dawn of Discovery & The Oregon Trail should've made this list!

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      still waiting for "you don't know Jack"

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      Nice collection of games. but there is a some one special game his name is super mario. when i am free, I would like to play this game always. its really amazing

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      Thanks for covering so many interesting titles.

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      Hey I liked these. I didn't even know you could get these titles.

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      skirtofthemonthclub 6 years ago

      Thanks for the great list and the great ideas for birthdays and Christmas!

    • jdwheeler profile image

      jdwheeler 7 years ago

      Great list. We have a little girls who's three years old and we just got Elmo A to Z. She loves it and she's learning at the same time.

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      anonymous 7 years ago

      i think they should enhance education games for adults to play because we like a lot games

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      just gotta love WII =)

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      Not bad. Thanks for sharing.

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      JoyfulPamela2 7 years ago from Pennsylvania, USA

      I haven't seen the science one before. It looks really cool! I wonder if my boys would like it. =D

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      CustomSquids 7 years ago

      That Big Brain academy game is a little bit tough! I got it for my son and tried to play it....needless to say he found out that his "old" dad is not the brightest sometimes.

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      anonymous 7 years ago

      @anonymous: Hi Dawnie - I found out that WalMart and Target both online have them, and it is likely that they sell them offline as well. Try both of those stores, and possibly kmart as well - one of them should have them.

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      anonymous 7 years ago

      Whereabouts can I buy these games...I don't have the means to order online????????

      thanks for anyhelp..

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      Attention_Getter 7 years ago

      I wish I had many of these when I was a kid! They seem like so much fun...can't wait to try some on my niece.

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      Can you review the Reader Rabbit games for the wii

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      interesting lens, thanks for sharing! Take a look at mine, Green Tips For Kids ! There are some cool ecofriendly activities for kids and their parents!


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      Kimberly Napper 8 years ago from U.S.

      This is a great resource!

    • M Schaut profile image

      Margaret Schaut 8 years ago from Detroit

      I appreciate the focus on the educational wii games- while parents don't mind some measure of general entertainment, I am sure they really really want some good education to occur if a kid is spending a lot of time with games. Good shopping lens! Blessed.

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      Nice work! Thanks for joining Shopping HQ :)

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      I gave it 5's and added it to the lensroll of several of my video game lenses.