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Advantages of Extended Family on the Attitude of Filipino High School Students

Updated on February 5, 2019
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Theia has traveled South Korea and It was one of a kind experience. She writes blogs on various topics.

Extended family living under one roof
Extended family living under one roof | Source

Extended family in Philippine setting

Miriam Webster dictionary defines family as the basic unit in society consisting of two parents rearing their children. This is the standard definition of the family. However, in the Philippine setting, when you ask Filipinos who are the members of the family, they will say that a family is not only composed of parents and children; but as well as grandparents, uncles, aunts, and cousins. It has been country's tradition since past times until now as they have been the primary unit of social organization. Filipino families in general value close knit relationships with their other blood-related relatives and cousins, valuing comfort and reciprocity. It is not surprising to find most Filipino parents living under the same roof with their relatives and cousins.

Present era is a period of change due to advantages of science and technology, especially in developing countries like Philippines. Living in a present society, students face challenges and problems which demand solutions not only from the person directly involved, but also from the society in which they live. Most teenagers tend to depend solely on their parents demands and wishes. However, not all parents can support their children and this is where the extended family plays a crucial role in maintaining a social balance. With extended family, a child can have someone to rely on to. Having the support of an extended family can help parents through countless of tougher times with child raising and assist the child with childcare needs on a limited or full-time basis. They can also come to the rescue when parents cannot see solutions to problems that they face with their children. In this case, two is better than one.


Advantages of having an extended family

Openness with cousins and relatives. The more individuals living in one roof, the merrier. Filipino high school students are much more open and communicative with their cousins and blood-related relatives, other than their parents. This is because they are able to share their happiness which makes them feel secured and loved. Moreover, whenever they are miserable, they are able to cope up much easily because their relatives can cheer them up. Teenagers can always ask advice from their relatives other than their parents. Indeed, blood is thicker than water. Teenagers coming from extended families usually develop strong emotional ties with relatives and cousins. Bonding over mealtime is also frequent with extended family.

Stable financial security. Whenever Filipino high school students have insufficient funds, they know they can always borrow money from their relatives other than their parents. The extended family also plays the roles of financial support when it comes to paying the children's tuition fees which is an advantage. Children's financial being is very tied with both parents' and relatives' financial success, allowing them to adapt more in an unstable economy. This makes them more flexible when it comes to getting what they need or want. Thus, they don't need to worry where they can get necessary funds for survival.

Boosts academic performance and skills. Raising grades and academic performance is always a challenge to many high school students, especially when they have other priorities to take care of. In reality, parents have more difficulty tutoring their children when it comes to academics due to other work priorities. Because of double responsibility, parents may become irritable and insensitive to their children's learning needs. However, when relatives or cousins are involved in the academic performance of high school teenagers, it becomes easier as different skills are combined to boost the teenagers' grades as well as their own talents. Moreover, relatives are able to manager more of their responsibilities for an effective learning.

Provides life lessons to younger generation. High school teenagers have the opportunity to learn life lessons and gain wisdom by spending time with both of their relatives and grandparents. Therefore, it will help them prepare on how to deal with everyday challenges. Older generations have more wisdom as they have been through life's hardships and obstacles. Thus, they know how to deal with different sets of life problems . This is because a person who is equipped with wisdom knows how to act correctly in any situation.

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    • Jodah profile image

      John Hansen 

      14 months ago from Queensland Australia

      This was interesting. I think the extended family is given more importance by many Asian families in general, than it is in the west. Thank you for sharing.

    • Theias Corner profile imageAUTHOR

      Thea Abella 

      17 months ago from Philippines

      Yes from my dissertation. Just wanted to share my piece of work

    • profile image


      17 months ago

      Is this based on your research?


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