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Efficient Potty Training

Updated on November 4, 2015

Lose the Diapers


Where to begin

First and foremost you are more than likely reading this because you are at a loss when it comes to potty training. Bravo for you that you took the time to look for ideas on how to potty train your little one. You have passed step one.
The best time to begin introducing potty training is between the age of 15 months and 18 months. Around the time your child is learning his/her first words and can comprehend what they mean. Every child learns at their own pace so don't be discouraged if it takes a little longer to instill a habit.

Potty or not to Potty that is the question

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What key factors are involved in Potty Training?

When it is time to potty train your little one you need to remember that not only will it take your child time to adjust to a new habit, but you as the parent are responsible for your child's success in potty training. There are key elements that you need to remember when beginning to potty train your toddler.

  • Consistency
  • Repetition
  • Preparedness
  • Patience

Being Consistent with Potty Training

The first key to potty training success is Consistency! Make sure you establish a potty training plan to help your child develop proper potty training habits. Your child/children's caregivers need to be consistent with your potty training plan as well. Any inconsistency will only lengthen the potty training process.

Potty Training Repetition

The more you introduce your child to using the potty, the faster he/she will catch on. Repetition is another key factor when potty training your toddler. It is said that it takes a week of consistent behavior to develop a habit. You can develop a healthy potty training habit with your toddler too! It may sound too simple, but honestly it really is simple. You can choose to take your child to the bathroom on an hourly schedule or choose to take your child to the bathroom when you go. Another fine example of Monkey see, monkey do. The choice is up to you! I would suggest bringing your toddler with you to the bathroom first a few times before expecting them to try something new.

Get Your Toddler Excited about Potty Training

As with trying anything new and different; you must first get your child interested in potty training. We live in a virtual world and have more learning tools available to assist us. Buy a potty training video that incorporates songs and pictures. Elmo's Potty Time is a popular video and can be found on my one of my recommended Amazon product links below. You can also purchase potty training books to read to your child. The more you discuss potty training with your child and the more he/she is exposed to it; the more curious and excited they will be about the subject.

Once you have introduced the idea of potty training to your child, next it is time to go shopping for a new potty. Every child gets excited when they have something new. Next take him/her to the underwear section and let him/her pick out their favorite character underwear. Make sure you tell them its their big boy/big girl undies.

Be Prepared for Potty Accidents

There can and will be accidents during the potty training process. Make sure you bring extra clothes, wipes, and a backup towel. If you are uncomfortable with the idea of a bare bottomed babe in public, (As is understandable) then you can revert to pull-ups. However, limit pull-ups to outings only. the sooner your child is accustomed to the feel of undies the sooner potty training will be successful. Actually feeling the uncomfortable wet feeling of undies is a step in the right potty training direction. Try to use a pull-up as little as possible. Using pull-ups too often may revert your child back into the diaper mind-set.

HELP me Potty train!

Potty Training Patience

Finally; be patient. Your child will catch on, and when he/she does..make sure you show him/her just how proud of them you are. Get excited. Clap your hands and make a big deal of their accomplishment. You can even start a mini reward system to continue their interest such as stickers. Try out different methods to decide what works best for you and your child. Remember; you aren't just proud of your child, but you should be proud of yourself for sticking to the potty training plan and enduring the "Adventure" that it leads to.


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