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Elmer and the Rainbow- A book Review

Updated on April 16, 2009

Elmer and the Rainbow

Elmer , the patchwork elephant, was sad when he discovered that the rainbow had lost its colour after a storm. He searched high and wide for the end of the rainbow so that he could domate his colours to the rainbow. He wanted to restore the dull and colourless rainbow to its former glory. 

Elmer, together with his forest friends, went on a search for the end of the rainbow and were let to a waterfall. He believed that once he found the end of the rainbow he would be able to donate his colours to it to restore it to its orignial glory. 

 While searching for the end of the rainbow his friends his friends wondered if he would become a grey elephant like the rest of them when he give up his colours to the rainbow and if his plan would work. 

Elmer wasn't scared and worried that he would become a dull grey elephant like the rest of the elephants if his colours were to leave him. Instead he was happy that he was doing something useful.

I recommend this book to all parents of young children as it teaches them how to be generous. It also shows that happiness can be obtained by  being generous and helpful. 


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    • profile image

      Erika Bonilla 6 years ago

      This is my favorite book. I told my friends...and they didn't believe me. they believe me.

      I'm 15..

      but i like this book...a lot.

      So thanks book writer...

      I love my elephant.