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Empty Nest Woes?

Updated on December 4, 2019

An Empty Room

Changes Around Our House

Two weekends ago, life at our house changed drastically! It emptied, with the exception of my husband and I. We went from a full house to an empty nest. As you face this situation, perhaps you will have some of the same thoughts and feelings!

Our son moved back to town last Fall. After being gone for five years, he became part of the family again. He was engaged to be married and needed a temporary dwelling place for a few months. Dad and I were fine with that. He moved into his old room, now the office. Our daughter continued to live with us while attending college to cut costs. After graduation, although employed, she continued to look for that perfect job which would enable her to continue her education and just recently found it.

Two weekends ago, our son married. During his honeymoon, we moved his remaining belongings to his new place of residence. He and his new bride continue to live here in town. Three days later, our daughter moved to another city to begin her new endeavors. There are still boxes in her room that need to be moved at some point. While our house is empty of children, it is still in transition.

The Changes

Understand that our kids are wonderful people. They are easy to get along with, not too demanding, and extremely lovable, however neither one thinks that a well made bed is an asset or worth the time it takes. Laundry and house chores are not at the top of their list or anywhere near the top. They love to eat Mom's home cooked meal. Get the picture?

Yes, I have times when I feel a moment of longing for those family meals or riding in the car together. I see their rooms and my heart throbs, but only for a moment. This is a great season for all! Their dreams are being fulfilled. Life is going on and more exciting life events lie around the corner!

I can slightly imagine what a widow would feel after losing her spouse. The emptiness at times feels like an ache, an ache to see or hear that person we love so much.

I love cooking for two, not having to pick up or clean after adult children, and having our own personal space! We can see a movie without phone calls inquiring where we are and when we will be home though it is nice to have someone worrying about you. We can eat our favorite foods and have leftovers in the refrigerator for lunches.

And Then...

"I'm coming home this weekend." A visit so soon? I was just getting used to the empty nest! Hey wait a minute. There isn't really an empty nest season, is there? There will always be visits and phone calls, cell phones and texting make communication so easy! Eventually, there will be grandchildren that visit... aaaah, something to look forward to. In the meantime, we will enjoy our spurts of time together. Those short visits will be fun times of catching up and enjoying each others company and remembering.

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