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Everyone has a story to tell, even you

Updated on March 10, 2013
Write out your life for others to remember later
Write out your life for others to remember later | Source

4 Ways to Keep Your Story Alive

Life is a series of stories each person accumulates throughout their lifetime. Some of the stories are romantic while others are tragedies. There are stories which are built around laughter and those which shape a lifetime. Each person's stories are unique and special and when all is said and done, a person's stories are all they have left to pass on to those they leave behind. Here are four ways to make sure your stories live on well after this life is over.

Tell others what life was like, “back in the day,” when the world seemed so much different. Talk about your days growing up, how each day was spent, the shared with family and friends, what was important to you at each stage of your life and how certain events made you who you are today.

Show others the old neighborhoods. The places where you spent your life such as the houses you grew up in, the playgrounds you hung out on and any place else you feel is important to showing others how you became who you are. Also pull out any old photo albums, or picture and write on the back when the picture was taken, where is was taken and why the picture is important to you. Pictures last a lifetime and beyond. I have many old pictures of my family from years and years ago. I wished I had asked my parents why the pictures were important before they were gone.

Write a journal of all your remember. Try to sit down each day a present a little piece of your life in words. The journal doesn't have to be a complete memoir of your life, just still small glimpses into how you live your life. There are many websites and book which offer prompts to get you started.

Record your life in one of those old tape players, on the computer or on even better on a video. By recording yourself you not only offer those who love a way to remember you visually but also verbally. My father took all the information he learned about our family and used a VHS recorder to not only pass on pictures he had found but also a narrative the family could listen to at our leisure. The videos brings some tears but also some comfort because when can hear his voice.

Life is series of stories, and like any story they are meant to shared so take the time now so your stories will be remembered later.

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