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Falling Asleep at Anne's

Updated on February 21, 2012

The sheets are smooth and smell nice. My pillow is soft and smells good too. I move my face back and forth on the pillow to feel it on my cheek. It is so so quiet, I can hear the clock; fup-fup-fup. I make alot of noise when I breathe. I can hear myself. Nina sleeps in my room too, but she left to get into bed with Anne. She said I was "snodding." I used to sleep with my real mom. I got close to her body and she would wrap her arms around me and we would fall asleep. Anne will let me sleep with her because Nina sleeps with her. It wouldn’t be fair if she wouldn’t let me. Her bed is big enough. I am going to get in bed with Anne. I peek into her room in a sneaky way and wait for her to notice me. She is in her big bed with a book. She has a glass of wine. After we go to bed, Anne always gets a glass of wine and she smells like salad dressing if she kisses you after she goes to bed. She looks up when she knows I am there. “Coraline, I thought you were sleeping. Are you all right, Honey bun?” “Can I sleep with you?” I ask. “Ooooooh, there is a lot of room in my bed for little girls but you are not completely adopted so you can’t get in my bed. We would get in trouble, but I have an idea. I will get a floor pad, and you get your blanket and pillow and I will a make a bed for you here. You will be very close to me.” I lay down on the floor next to her bed. I like sleeping here. I can see under the bed. The cat is under the bed looking at me.

I like being on the floor next to Anne’s bed looking at the cat looking at me.


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    • Bridget30 profile image

      Bridget30 6 years ago from West Virginia

      That brought tears to my eyes! I wanted to wrap her in a bear hug and the cat too! What a wonderful read for this evening!