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Family Tree: The New View - Values

Updated on May 23, 2013

The Basic Idea behind Family Values Tree

I grew up in a very big family, my parents were divorced when I was less than three years old, so I got the chance, for me it was really a chance, of having a generous stepfather & a kind stepmother, too. I can not ignore the effects of living with a wide different people, my father, no way, could be same like my stepfather. Sure, my mother is different, in many aspects, comparing to my stepmother. Everyone of my brothers & sisters are totally different, and so on for my other family members.

So while I was thinking about my family members, and what I learned from them, I found that it will be very interesting & encouraging to have my family tree designed in a new style (Not in genealogy style), a style which reflects the best value I learned from every one of them.

Everyone of our family members has values & characteristics which is stronger than others in the same family. For example: you can find the your father could be kind like your mother, but he is known for his persistence, so your can reflect that persistence as a leave in your family tree, which tells you in a way, "Be persistent like your father."

Maybe, you was troubling your grandfather by jumping here & there, but still he used to talk to you, patiently, while your grandmother used to start shouting at you, she wanted you to be silent, and sitting politely like adults do. another leave can be added to your tree, which you can describe it "Patience", this is another important value, which you learned from your grandfather. Sure, although grandmother shouted a lot on you, but her generosity made every thing sweeter.

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Original Clip artAfter clearing some space in every leave using paint software After I wrote the values inside the leaves.After some modification using iPhone - Line Camera Apps.
Original Clip art
Original Clip art | Source
After clearing some space in every leave using paint software
After clearing some space in every leave using paint software
After I wrote the values inside the leaves.
After I wrote the values inside the leaves.
After some modification using iPhone - Line Camera Apps.
After some modification using iPhone - Line Camera Apps.

How to prepare your own Family Values Tree?

  1. Bring your paper pad & a pen, and sit in a silent environment.
  2. Close your nice eyes & remember everything you can about your life with your family remember, their recreations, words, proverbs they used to tell, their heroes, what let them cry & what let them laugh..etc, anything you remember is helpful for preparing the tree.
  3. Start writing the values which lying behind everything you have remembered.
  4. To brain storm your mind more, start asking yourself below three questions:
    • Which value did you learn from every one of them?
    • Which value made the successful member a successful?
    • Which value do you think that was very great if someone had?
  5. Select the best value which fit to everyone of your family member.
  6. You can now use your drawing skills, to draw your tree branches & leaves. For me I prepared a sample by taking a ready six leaves clip art, I erased some lines inside the leaves, then I wrote the values, then I used Line Camera Apps, which available on iPhone, to make some final touch.
  7. You could make unlimited number of art works using this idea, so you can use them to remember your family members' lessons.

What is the benefit of this?

  • You can encourage yourself to have the great values, which make you proud of your family members.
  • You feel gratitude that you had this great family.
  • You keep the worm memories at your sight by hanging this tree on a wall in your living room, for example.
  • Encourage yourself by having a real hero for every value.
  • If you are stressed, look at the tree, it will protect you from the sun by its worm memories.

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Your Family

Let us hear from you about the values you learned from some of your family members. Sure, it is a great chance for all of us to hear from you something encourages us to have higher values.

Voting & sharing will let me pleased.Thanks for reading my hub. Hope you enjoyed here.


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    • Taleb80 profile image

      Taleb AlDris 4 years ago

      Happy you like the idea. Let your children help you in finding their relatives' values. Thanks for stooping by & the comment.

    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 4 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      thanks for sharing your idea. I haven't really thought much about family tree. My own family is very small, only 4 of us while my hubby side is a big family with 9 siblings. I would draw out a family tree for my children to understand more about their cousins , aunts and uncles. Thanks for sharing the idea.