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Family Values Todays World

Updated on July 14, 2014

Family Values Today's World

Family Values Todays World
What happen to the family times? Familie's not spending time together anymore. life use to be about family get togethers with love in laughter an fun. now days your lucky to even find time to spend with each other. people aren't about family anyone. now days people aren't about the other family memebers in their family. Just the ones in their home. Each year i've noticed with my own family spending less time together.
The family time seems to be no time at all except Christmas. Why just Christmas, what about the other holidays and birthdays? Don't those days have meanings? or did they forget the purpose of those days to? What happen to family values? Family is the most important time an people in your life. One day your family won't be there and then what will you have in life? Nothing!
What your teaching the kids isn't family values these days. Family values are the teaching's of a strong connected family and a good source of communication. I believe every home should have values,Strong family values. Childeren should be tought what those traditional values are to pass on to their childeren an so on to continue the cycle. They should be tought about the meaning an propuse of values. The good an the bad.
What Are good family values? Good question to ask. In my home growing up we were tought..
1. Pray before each meal and Pray before going to sleep.
2. Always tell the truth,even if you are in the wrong.
3. Do not hit,kick,bite pinch or any other violence to one another.
4. Do not take any items away from one another.
5. Good source of responsability such as chores around the house an yard.
6. Respect one another.
7. Family time..meals together, reuions,birthday partys an holidays.
With those 7 simple values i have been raised in a good home who believes in staying close to my family. With that being said and done i have been teaching my own childeren the same values. They have become well respected childeren. Also very close to the family.


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