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Fifteen Useful Tips for Raising Kids

Updated on March 4, 2019
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Lakshmi Menon has been writing articles on and offline for a number of years, Her work has been published in magazines and newspapers.

Tips for Raising Children

Raising kids is not an easy task. Though it is a very difficult task, it is also the most rewarding one. Every parent wants to raise their children as happy children. Bringing up my own two children years ago and now a grandchild gave me so many tips, which I thought of sharing with you. You may not find these tips in any books or movies. These are my practical ideas which I learnt from my own experience.

Spending Quality Time with Your Kids

Bringing up children is not an easy task. It depends on how we raise them. If we give the required importance to this task the result will be amazing. If we neglect them when they need us mostly that is in childhood days, it will be shown in their growth. You may wonder how to raise a child properly so that he will turn out to be a good individual later. You may find some of these tips easy and useful to raise great children of your own.

  1. Spend quality time with your kids. You may be busy with your own career and with the household chores. Still spend some quality time and sit and chat with your kids and encourage them to express. Listen to their school stories and how was their day etc.
  2. Never compare your kids with other kids, or their own siblings. We often make this mistake unknowingly. It will only create a bad effect on them to reduce their self-confidence and develop dislike towards you.
  3. When you get another child some children may not like the idea of having another child at home, with the fear that they lose their attention and love from their parents. To avoid this situation, always remember to give her extra love and not to neglect her in between your new responsibilities.

Eating Time

4. When you find difficult to feed a child sit with her and start telling amusing stories, which will make her laugh. In between remember to feed your child. Without much problem your daughter will eat the food in such a happy mood.

5. If you blend the leftover biscuits in a mixer along with cold milk and a little sugar, it will be a delicious drink for the children.

6. When your kids stop enjoying eating bread with jam, use jaggery and ghee in chapathis, as an alternative. Most children would love it.

7. Make colourful rotis and chapathis which usually the children would like. While kneading the dough add carrot juice for orange colour, or add beet root juice for red color juice of spinach for green rotis and chapathis.

Party Time

8. Kids love parties like their birth day parties etc. While blowing up balloons for a children's party, slip in a sweet. When the balloon bursts there is a small present inside, and they would be very glad to see the surprise present.

9. Children would love the colorful ice cubes for decoration. Add a pinch of color to the water before keeping it on the tray.

10. Give importance to your kid's likes and dislikes of the party than your own.  So arrange the party the way he likes and invite his friends who he believes are his friends.

Teaching Mannerism

11. Teach them mannerism as to how to behave with elders, aged, teachers, peers, their younger ones, etc. from a very young age. If they make a mistake correct them affectionately without scolding or punishing.

12.Allot the children small work on holidays and pay them adequately. This money they can use for buying greeting cards to their friends and relatives or to buy a small gift for someone they want.

13. Always teach the children the habit of taking their own plates for wash. This will help you and the children in due course to a large extend in learning good habits.

14. Teach the children the habit of keeping a note book with them at home where they should be encouraged to jot down any interesting news or phrases they come across each day. This will later make a very valuable information book for them and ready to get the knowledge at any given time.

Appreciation - Highly Important to a Child

15. Children like compliments. Always remember to acknowledge their accomplishments, no matter how small or big they are.Not only elders, even kids love to be appreciated.


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