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Final Words for my Mother

Updated on September 5, 2010
Ma, she will rest in peace
Ma, she will rest in peace

My Mother, say hello to every one for me

Let's start by saying, I'm sorry I just can't be there to see her off. So many times in the past I was not home to help her either.

Ma has had a very mixed life filled with happiness and sorrow as well.

I do believe the lost of my little brother Kirby never allowed Ma to get back on her feet again in full force.

For every tragedy in life a new life is born that helps to fill the void in a person's heart

As with Ma as well.

In times of the death of a loved one we all seem to think they are going to a better place, for Ma this I'm sure is true.

Ma will be rejoiced with her brothers and sisters and I bet they are arguing right now about something, for sure they were Thompson's.

Ma will be remembered in my life for many a good deed and in her own way she did what she understood was best.

Ma come from a real country setting in Minnesota and was not furnished all the working tools that young girls receive today.

Without all the modern conveniences of today ma had her hands full raising 4 boys and 2 girls.

The older I get the more I understood about her, not always the good son I'm sure I broke her heart many times.

Ma told me once, one day you'll return home with a family of your own and live here. Not sure about that I spent several years out and about providing many unexpected heart attacks to her. One day I semi grew up and returned with a wife and a little girl. We survived the first year in a 500.00 ghetto trailer I purchased from a bad guy. Just to later build a big house , big enough for all of us.

I regret having to leave Tampa and leaving Ma in a senior center but it was time to move my family to friendlier grounds, what I thought was a safer place to raise my little girl.

Ma joined us later after several years of waiting, I'm afraid I waited to long for her enjoy the rest of her life in peace.

For this I'm truly sorry for Ma, but I did what I thought was right for all of us, like I know you did.

In closing I know Ma was only happy for us all even all the crap we put her through this is why she is now smiling upon us all if we could just see.

I loved you Ma, I just always had a hard time showing it, please smile on me as well, see ya later

Love Mickey

This letter was just the viewing in Tampa,Florida on Sep 05, 2010.

In closing there are many things I would have done different if I had only been born today instead of 61 years ago.

The years have soften me to the beliefs I may have had in the first years of my tiny brain understood.

That's the neat part about growing older with your own life's experiences, one day if your lucky enough to live through all the rough edges you will look at things a little different even though you can't change a damn thing.

I'm in a place were my mind is so overwhelmed with kindness from other people entering my life just to be my friend, do you know how many people never get to experience this in their short life.

I have been truly blessed and I don't really care about all the things that have brought me here to this place, just that I'm here and will always be grateful from this point on.

In closing I need to remember that after all I 'm just human and nothing else. It only took my Mother's passing to see the vast knowledge and wealth that this world has to offer when you open your heart and shut your mouth.

I have been blessed with a new life, the gift of a new Kidney on Friday the 10Th of September, 2010.

To my donor, new brother and family I will do every thing I can to respect this new life with the humbleness and teaching of this gift of life, I promise and swear so help me God.



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