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Finding People For Fun

Updated on August 22, 2009

How Many Of You Are There?

Did you know that there are 5 Christian Walkers right in my home state? Not that you care but it is interesting to find out how many people share your name. When I did a search of the United states I found enough Christian Walkers to hold a convention--hmm I wonder if there could be some money in that. I also thought I could make t-shirts or mugs and sell them to my name sakes. It is interesting, all of the facts you can pull up when you do people searches. I found out how many of my name sake were my age and how many were older or younger. It gave me a lot of ideas, of which I shall probably never carry through with.

What Happened To Old What's His Face?

Next I begin typing in names of old acquaintances, friends, and enemies, the search engine I used didn't cost anything for basic information--you did have to register to get address and phone numbers, but you didn't have to pay anything. It was surprising what I found out and it lead to some happy reunions. (The enemies I just left alone.) It was surprising the amount of information available although some of it was inaccessible with out a fee, still there was a lot to get me started on. I am still contemplating organizing an old friends reunion. I am also contemplating starting a background checking service--well maybe not.

Lots of Options

There are many places you can start looking for people.  Just type you name in google and see what you get.  Then there is face book and my space, I know my kids use these a lot to find old friends.  I you want to find relatives and study the genealogy of your family there are good genealogy web sites dedicated to this.  But most of all try having some fun finding people and if you here about a Christian Walker convention, I'll be the one selling mugs. 


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