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First-Aid Kits For Baby - First-Aid Supplies List for Babies

Updated on January 31, 2015

First-Aid Kits For Babies : First - Aid Supplies List for Babies

When we have babies in the house, we want to make sure that we have everything that are must haves for our babies. It is important that we have first aid kits for them as this is very important for first aid help. First aid kits bags can immediately be brought to other places, we can carry it when we travel or go outside the house.

The first aid supplies is immediately contained in one package which can be bought in drugstore/pharmacy or online stores like amazon. They are prepackaged so to speak. The needed first aid supplies list is available as a checklist for the first aid kit too. Not only that even toddlers or other children in the house can make use of this first aid kid.

The supplies kitsĀ  are not expensive and easier to put together even if the one you bought is not complete. it is a must have for safety precautions.

Some of the first aid kit are items you already have when you are disposed of at the hospital after giving birth, just be mindful of the checklist and how of course to sue them. You can put them together in a first aid bag so that they will be secured and once you need them, you just get the bag and bring them along anywhere you go.

The other things or reminders you can put in the first aid kit bag

You can also secure a nice first aid kit bag and put the following reminders :

  • Name of your pediatrician
  • Emergency telephone number of nearest hospital facility
  • Poison Control Number
  • Sudden Infant Disease Syndrome Number (SIDS)
  • The local police or fire department number
  • Shaken Baby Syndrome Number

This first aid kit is not only for babies but it is also good in times of emergency or for the entire family. Plus for example you might get cuts, insect bites or minor fevers then the first aid kit is really handy for us. It is the best companion of a mom in the house. The key here is to buy a first aid kit and have a checklist, then if some items are still needed in quantity, then you can buy them individually.

This is a complete list of basic First-Aid Kits For Babies and the First Aid Supplies List for Babies

  1. Buy a First-aid manual: i. e, "American Medical Association Handbook of First Aid and Emergency Care"
  2. Basic Thermometers for baby -- can be rectal, ear or basic skin thermometer like armpit thermometer or forehead. Digital is preferred.
  3. For skin rashes and bites of insects - get antihistamines (should be given approval by pediatrician)
  4. For relief of minor fever -- Ibuprofen and acetaminophen (should be given approval by your pediatrician)
  5. Nose drops for clogged nose
  6. Sharp and clean scissors
  7. Antibiotic immediate treatment for minor wounds and cuts
  8. Clean tweezers and scissors
  9. Cotton and alcohol
  10. Jelly for lube on rectal thermometer
  11. Cream or lotion (5 percent) for insect bites and skin rashes
  12. Gels (aloe for burns)
  13. Eye wash for rinsing eye irritants (ask your pediatrician)
  14. Sun screen fir babies and insect repellent (ask your pediatrician)
  15. Adhesive bandage strips (with different sizes)
  16. Nasal aspirator "bulb"
  17. Gauze pads -- 2 by 2 and 4 by 4 sizes, Gauze rolls -- 2 in wide
  18. Adhesive tape
  19. A plastic bag of "sterile cotton balls" and "Cotton-tipped swabs"
  20. Gloves which are non latex
  21. Soaps mild only
  22. Medicine cup, or oral syringe for taking medicine
  23. Tongue depressor for examining if you have sore throat
  24. A small flashlight to check ears, nose, throat, and eyes
  25. Mild and comfy blanket

Source : The Baby Center site is a website for parenting and baby concerns - health and overall growth and development

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) have a video about first aid kit list -- what are the things to keep in your first aid kit in this link -- It is short and brief and it is audible. Plus as long as you have the basic first aid kit which can be bought in most drugstores, then there is no problem really.


First aid kits are a must have in the house, not only for babies but for children and other members of the households. The first-aid kits and supplies list for babies can be easily bought from the nearest drug store and if you want to have more quantities on the first aid items, then you can do so by buying on your own. There are also first aid bag which you can buy so that all your first aid kit is intact and you can get them in one place and bring them along in your car -- anywhere you go with your baby.


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