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Five Things That Will Help in Understanding Baby Colic

Updated on August 8, 2016

Understanding Baby Colic

Bringing home a newborn baby can be a difficult thing for parents, principally if the baby cries for unknown reasons. Baby colic is determined as a condition in which a baby at the age of four months cries on a regular basis for more than three hours a day. No one recognizes why colic happens, and it is not life threatening. On the other hand, it can be a frightening feeling if you are not aware of the fact that what exactly the problem is. If you feel that your child might have colic? Take a look at these five symptoms of baby colic that every single mom must recognize:

Excessive Crying

All babies cry. Whether it is from starvation, boredom, an unclean diaper, or a stimulant, most of the babies cry for a particular reason. Once a baby's necessities are met, he/she will, in general, cease crying. On the other hand, for a baby who undergoes from colic, no amount of cheering will calm the child. Colicky babies are inconsolable. This can scare and frustrate parents who regularly comfort their screaming infants, with no idea as to why the child is crying.


Baby colic is restricted to those children who are generally between the ages of two weeks to four months. For most of the children who suffer from this, their signs will ease once they reach the age of three months. Nonetheless, some children will carry on crying into their fourth month. If a child keeps on crying excessively after five months, most of the doctors agree something more severe might be occurring.

Predictable Crying

Another telltale sign of baby colic consist of not only inconsolable crying but then again also crying that occurs on a regular basis and predictably. Most children who undergo from colic have set times of fussiness. They generally begin in the late afternoon or early evenings and carry on well into the morning hours. Colic is from time to time described as an episode of uncontrollable crying that lasts for more than three hours and starts at relatively the similar time each day.

High-Pitched Crying

+Colicky crying, as you have perhaps noted, can be a very demanding situation. Every so often, the crying is very penetrating and high-pitched. A lot of babies scream for extended periods of time, and then their faces turn red. It is just about impossible to comfort these children who suffer from baby colic. Conversely high-pitched the tone, genuine cases of colic are non-life threatening. Seek out help if you are not sure as to the cause of your child's fussiness, or if you feel you require help coping with the circumstances. If you are unsure as to what is initiating your baby's fussiness, it is finest to seek the counsel of your pediatrician.

Arched Posture

While no one symptom is an indication of baby colic, several symptoms together might be a basis for a colic diagnosis. Children who experience colic usually tend to arch their back, tense their intestinal muscles, and clench their fists. Most of the times, a baby will pass a substantial amount of gas or have a massive bowel movement at the end of the incidence. Specialists generally do not agree on gas sources colic in babies, but then it can be an indicator.

Final Words

In order to get further information on Understanding Baby Colic, I browsed through the internet and found an interesting video that made a lot of things clear. You can also check out this short video and get a better idea on baby colic.



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