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Free and/or Budget-Friendly Activities for Your Child

Updated on November 3, 2018
Kristine Manley profile image

Kris Manley is a blogger, author, and speaker. She's a guest on radio in the U.S., Canada, and overseas, as well as a guest on network TV.


"Free" is in everyone's budget.

In any economy, but especially in our present economic state, all of us are trying to cut back on spending, but at the same time still wanting to offer our children wonderful learning experiences. We want to continue to allow our children to participate in activities without breaking our wallets. So how do we cut back in our finances and still fund great activities for our children? Just begin to think “out of the box.”

There are many children’s activities that come to mind, but then there are some that makes one say, “Hey, I’ve never thought of that!” So herein are some children’s activities that are “out there.”

  • Do you have a pint size aspiring author? Does your child enjoy writing poetry, short stories, or essays? Have friends and family members commented on how talented a writer your child is? Give your child some exposure by publishing their writings, but you say the cost can be a deterrent – no it’s not. Your child can get published FREE of charge! Yes, that’s a fact. There are wonderful children’s websites that look for children’s writings to publish online. Publishing your child’s writings is such a morale booster for your child, and you can tell with friends and family that your child has an online presence on a particular website. Here are some websites to help you get started:
  • Some parents are trying to minimize and/or eliminate the graffiti from their homes’ walls. Channel your “wanna be” artist’s yearnings to draw away from the walls and on to an online palette. There are great online children’s art galleries – these galleries are not looking for the next Leonardo Da Vinci, and there is no charge to display your child’s art online. Here are some websites to help you get started:
  • Host a Home Art Exhibit for your child. If you don't want to spend money on easels, use chairs to display your child's art by having the art lean against the chairs. Do you have a fisherman in the home, then use some fishing wire to hang your child's art. If you don't want to do that and have a laptop and projector then do an art PowerPoint Presentation on the wall and add some audio to it. Have your child narrate his or her pieces. Have some snacks for your patrons.
  • Have your child become a Youth Loan Officer – it’s not what you think. Do you think that your child is the next Vincent Van Gogh? Well, if you do, then begin a loan program for your child with cafés, children’s museums, learning centers, children’s gyms, libraries, or children’s hospitals. Give your child’s art exposure by loaning their art to the above mentioned places; make the loan for 3, 6, or 9 months then change it out with a new piece – create and sign a contract if you have to. Organizations welcome the opportunity to assist children, so ask.
  • Encourage your child to become a Student Tour Guide. Some schools offer a Student Guide Program giving their students the opportunity to interact with new students and parents. This also gives your child the opportunity to familiarize themselves with their own school and its programs.


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