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From the Minds of Children

Updated on January 14, 2010

Kids Creative Vocabulary

Over the years, I have learned far more from my kids than I could ever hope to teach them. For example, my language has been enriched by the many words and terms that the kids have coined.

Muck – the white stuff that you pour on cereal.

Nema – the yellow fruit with a peel.

Minnie Meat – Minnie Mouse’s boyfriend.

Punchin’ – the sweet science of pugilism.

New six-driver – someone that has just subscribed to a newspaper or anything. This came from the video game “Paper Boy”.

Ford wheel drive – a truck with big tires that goes well in snow.

Yot gun – a scatter gun or just about any type of gun that does a lot of damage.

Cowka – a generic term for a cookie or a cracker.

Broccoli hair – the fuzzy part of the green vegetable. Example, “I like the broccoli, but I don’t like the hair!”

Steak – a loosely disguised term for liver with steak sauce on it. Example, “I’ll try to eat the steak….but it still tastes like liver!”

Stoolette – the main attraction in most bathrooms. If you flush a small boat down it, the mechanism will cease functioning as it was designed.


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