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Swing Set Offer Challenges For Children

Updated on January 30, 2010

Swing Sets Offer Many Challenges For Children

What could be the best outside activity for children? What playtime activity does not have to offer a remote, (television), head sets, batteries, or video games? The answer is a wooden swing set and your kids won't miss the high technology games or cable programs and they will love playing outdoors. This article is a product review for The Frontier Swing Set which was made for a lot of kids with tons of fun for children ages 3 to 12.

This is one amazing product which boasts two separate swing beams. Both beams are strong and are splinter free. The first beam is a three position swing bay which supports 3 swing accessories. One is the trapeze bar with rings for the child who loves to do flips and hand upside down and then two belt swings which are green. The second beam features a 360 degree plastic green tire on a swivel. This tire swing has enough room for 3 children and is safe because it hangs from the top beam by all by itself. This is one very important safety feature that was incorporated into the design process. Having the tire swing installed away from other swing accessories allows the 360 swing action without compromising the safety of children.

Gorilla Playsets went the extra mile when this product was designed. I honestly do not think they forgot a thing!

There are three climbing activities, the first one is a rock wall with green plastic rocks This rock wall also has a rope to help the kids scale up into the fort. There is a climbing rope ladder that features two rows of dowels. Next, this unit comes with a Deluxe Climbing Ramp with a rope that allows access into the fort. Children climb up with the help of the rope and there upper arms. This is great workout and kids will have fun without realizing they are exercising there muscles. If you have younger children these activities might pose a challenge for them and will require you assistance. You should help toddlers (younger children) when they are using any of climbing activities into the fort. Safety is a always a priority and you want to make sure they climb safely.

What I love about this swing set is that the lumber has been pre-drilled and the boards are not rough because they have been sanded. This actually saves you two steps, first, you will not need to drive to the lumber yard to hand select boards and secondly you will not have to sand. You will still need a drill when this is assembled but the pre-drilling helps ensure the holes are aligned properly during construction process.

Most of the Gorilla Playsets swing sets come with a wood roof over the play tower and this in no exception. The roof has a dormer and a small chimney with a fun sun burst pattern, the pitch of the roof is approximately is 5 feet high, so that should be enough clearance that Kids should be able to stand inside the fort area if they are under 5' tall. Once inside the fort area toddlers have the option of playing with the Tic Tac Toe game for two. This classic game is always been a favorite and now with it's creative updated design, it's a large scale perfect for outside swing set. The panel features cute monkey faces along with the X's and O's.

Due to the fact that the directions are easy to follow you should be able to put it together in no time. If you need help or just a have a question, Gorilla Playsets includes there toll free phone number to there customer service department in the owners manual so you can contact them if needed. This is one manufacturer who is on call to assist customers who have purchased there products.

Learn about Playground Safety

Dianna, is always offering safety and education tips to parents and caregivers. She focusedon parents, and wants them to properly teach children to play safe on equipment. She is also the Founder of Best Price Toys, a leading children's playgroundstore, and educational toys website were the focus is on outdoor play and exercise for children. You can visit her store to learn more about Swing Sets and Swing Set safety for Kids.


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